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helpful illustrated guide to the 2021 sturgis motorcycle rally

At last, it's that time of the year again the much-awaited 79th  Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held in Sturgis, South Dakota. The 2019 Rally will start on the 2nd of August and run through to the 11th of August 2019.  This year they have some pretty high-profile, primary sponsors to help their already prolific internationally renowned event. The internet's high profile online shopping mall Bargainbrute.Com and Sturgis’ very own SturgisMotorcycleSupplies.Com are on board to lend a hand.

Yes, the legend of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally lives.  I am sure with only 16 days left before the opening ceremony, doctors, bankers, in fact, people from all walks of life are at this moment shaking off their work clothes, dusting down their leathers, and polishing their pride and joy. Their motorcycles. Then, when totally prepared, traveling to what can only be described as an awe-inspiring experience of incredible showmanship and friendship unmatched anywhere else on the planet.

I think the organizer's website sums up this year's event in just a few words. Take the ride, feel the music, eat the food. There is something for the whole family. You don’t even have to be a biker to enjoy what is a cauldron of absolute fun and games for the entire family. Now let's take a look at the city of riders as it prepares for the 79th annual 2019 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Just a short teaser: There is no warm-up for this rally. From the minute they get things going, everything starts jumping, and one man, in particular, will jump higher and longer than any one of us could even dream. Yes, the legendary Cole Freeman, will at 4 pm at the opening ceremony, jump his Harley over the legendary Main Street of Sturgis. Something which will definitely get the adrenaline juices running.

A little bit of fascinating history

The first rally took place on the 14th  of August 1938 by Indian Motorcycle riders belonging to the Jackpine Gypsies motorcycle club in an event called the "Black Hills Classic." The founder was a gentleman named Clarence "Pappy" Hoel, who had just purchased an Indian Motorcycle franchise in Sturgis. TA tiny audience watched this first event, so it was not intended to make any money. Today, however, the rally generates approximately $800 million every year, a real signal as to its popularity.

The actual town of Sturgis is literally steeped in American history and folklore. Founded in 1878, the town was initially called Scooptown. Quite a strange name, but residents of the time had no problem scooping up the salaries of the soldiers from the nearby Fort Meade. Others say the name of Scooptown originated in the gold rush because the inhabitants of the town had no problem scooping up the gold found scattered about the area. However, the name did not last long, and it was quickly changed to Sturgis in honor of General Samuel D. Sturgis, one of the civil war's most decorated generals.

Wild Bill Hickok and the Deadwood Saloon

On Mainstreet, Saloon Number 10, to be exact, is the site where the original Deadwood saloon used to stand. One of Wild Bill Hickok’s favorite gambling and drinking places. It would still be there today but unfortunately burnt down in what can only be described as very mysterious circumstances. Luckily enough for the residents and Sturgis visitors, a new saloon called Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood was built to take its place.

This saloon decorated with hundreds of photographs reminding us of its wild-west history, also coupled with historical reenactments of Hickok’s times, is a must to visit! It is quite frankly like stepping back in time. For those who do not know, this is the place where Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down, shot in the back by Jack McCall.

Much has been written about the gunning down of Hickok, but nothing is stranger than the legend of his death. Legend tells us if you find yourself alone in the new main street, Saloon 10, you can hear the coughing of an older man stumbling from table to table, apparently, searching for his killer.  You have to remember that Jack McCall shot Hickok in the back, so he would not have known who his killer was. However, Sturgis's people did and hunted McCall down and hung him not far from the Deadwood Saloon, where the new Saloon stands today.

Jack McCall's body was later exhumed and found to have the hangman's noose still around his neck, even though the people who hung him reported that they had not left the rope in place. Leading people to believe that Wild Bill Hickok had found him during one of his nighttime excursions and placed the knot back around his throat so that he would hang in perpetuity.

Whether you believe it or not, if you can just for a couple of hours tear yourselves away from this breathtaking motorbike rally and its entertainment, pop into the Old Style Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood and go back to a time when there were open fields, no fences, and the cowboy ruled the roost.

All in All, I am so glad that both Bargainbrute.Com and Sturgis’ very own SturgisMotorcycleSupplies.Com, have both come on-board as primary sponsors for the 79th 2019 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, once again proving that they are both supporters of all things that keep our nation together.

So once you have visited the town of Sturgis, give BargainBrute.Com a visit. They have, along with SturgisMotorcycleSupplies.Com, everything you will ever need. With 97 warehouses scattered throughout the country, you can rest assured that they have all your online shopping supplies in stock and ready to be shipped to you free of charge.


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