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grocery shopping on a bicycle while spending a holiday away from home

Missing home really sinks in when you’re doing your own grocery shopping, laundry, cooking your own food and making your own bed. Nothing strikes harder than sulking in the dorm room with your bowl of ramen, and spending a holiday away from home. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve spent a few holidays away from home, lying around, having back to back TV show and movie marathons, you know you don’t want to spend another one indulged in lethargy and procrastination.

Amidst assignments, book reports, exams and not being home during the holiday, there are some ways you can bring the best of you out during the blue holiday season. Read on.

1. Work on those cooking skills

Microwave meals have probably been your day to day reliance, and you know you can do better. College life can get pretty hectic and finding time to cook becomes a challenge - the thought might not have even occurred all semester long! Holiday season is the best opportunity you can get to brush up on your cooking skills and make yourself something new for a change. Learning to cook will go a long way through out your student life. Lord knows you miss the taste of home cooked meals! You can get yourself all the grocery supplies at affordable rates here.

2. Get some exercise

Break the cycle of dull isolated holidays with some exercise. A great way to get around campus and town is to get yourself a bicycle. You don’t need a gym membership to stay in shape. Exercise is instrumental for your overall physical and mental health. Cruising around town during holiday season will be a great activity, and promote the right attitude to prepare you to fight stress this semester with rejuvenated health and positive outlook. Every trip will be a workout, so look for a bicycle when you have time off this holiday.

3. Host a party

You’re not the only one away from home during the holiday season. Hosting a party will be a great opportunity for you and all the other students around campus who could use some company. A holiday party will be fun and a great way to meet new people. Getting together, playing games and maybe even exchanging a few gifts can make the gloomy holiday one of the highlights of the semester!

4. Work on unfinished tasks

Student life means undivided attention. The hectic schedule might have left unfinished room cleaning or the messy closet on hold. You can use this time productively to clean up the place and organize. You’re going to thank me later. With a clean room setting and organized shelves or closet, your life will feel a lot more sorted out.


Don’t think of all that you are deprived of during the time of holiday rejoice. You can make great things happen with what you have. Remember, there are only 7 colors in the rainbow, but look what Michelangelo did with those 7 colors. Only 7 musical notes, but listen to what Beethoven did wonders with those seven notes. You too, can turn your mundane hours into productivity and fun.





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