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snake chap will protect you from venomous snake bites

Snake ChapsThe hunting season is here again, and as a hunter, you are hoping for the best. There are several challenges associated with hunting, and one of them is becoming prey instead of being the hunter. What I mean is that some animals will obviously attack back in defense. You, therefore, need to have the right gear before you head to the forest. There are a number of venomous snakes in the landscape, and a snake bite can really hurt and even kill very fast even before you get help. This is why we have and sell various protective gears to protect you from snake bites. One of them is the snake chap.


What is a Snake Chap?

A snake chap is a protective gear that is worn by a hunter to protect him or her from a snake bite. When the snake tries to bite you, it will not be able to penetrate past the snake chap. A snake chap covers you from the ankle to the thighs. They are designed based on the observation that a snake will most likely bite you on the lower part of the leg. Most hunters will go hunting in areas where snakes are found. This could be in the grass and bushes or even sometimes on stony deserts. When a hunter accidentally steps on the snake, it reacts immediately, and the lower part of the leg is the most vulnerable. Therefore, if you have worn a snake chap, it will not be able to penetrate the snake chap, and so you will be safe from danger. Continue reading to know the qualities to check for when buying a snake chap


Durable Tough and Puncture Proof

The snake chap should be able to last long. It should last for many hunting seasons. It should also be tough and puncture proof so as to protect you from venomous snake bites. Remember you don’t know which type of snake you will encounter in your hunting expedition.  


Light and Comfortable

When you go hunting, you are prone to several challenges as I said. A heavy and uncomfortable snake chap is not good because you may need to run from impending danger. The uncomfortable material will not favor you. Therefore always wear light and comfortable snake chap. The available snake chaps come in different sizes.  Be sure to order an appropriate size.


All Season Wear

A good snake chap should be able to take you through all hunting seasons. The best one is a water resistant so as to protect you from wetness. Remember that the snake saliva sometimes causes irritation on the skin. This is the main reason why you should always go for materials that are water resistant.

There are different types of snake chaps available and from different companies. When buying a snake chap, always check the available types and compare based on the factors highlighted above. Always go for the best quality because you are protecting your life. Always buy snake chaps from trusted suppliers.

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