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Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had problems falling and staying asleep. I’m the kind of person that counts down how many hours of sleep I’ll get if I fall asleep right now (which inevitably leads to me tossing and turning, wide awake for the next three hours).

And then, when I do fall asleep, an hour later, I’m right back up, stressing about work or the kids or something stupid I did in high school. It’s like I can’t turn my brain off.

It got so bad that I actually had to speak to someone about it, and I was diagnosed with anxiety.

But I consider myself a proactive person and my sleep-deficiency problems have cost me more than I’d like. So I decided to do something about it, and I dedicated myself to finding the solution.

“I will not suffer one more night of tossing and turning,” I told myself.

So I dove into research. Along the way, I stumbled across a surprising fact. A study released by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that roughly 25% of all Americans experience acute insomnia each year. That’s one in four!

Suddenly, I wasn’t doing research just for myself anymore. I was experimenting with helping all my readers experience a higher-quality night of sleep.

So I started trying different methods and marking my results.

First, I got a white noise machine.

Honestly, right off the bat, I knew I wasn’t going to love it. My mind focuses on the noise, and it ends up having the opposite effect of what’s intended.

Then I tried earplugs. Now, my husband doesn’t snore or anything, but I figured just drowning out the occasional car passing, or dog barking would help me. But the thing is, it’s tough to fall asleep with earplugs in! They’re super uncomfortable! And I like to sleep on my side, so there’s just this soft cork slowly pressing into my ear. No thanks!

I ended up getting a prescription for Xanax to treat my anxiety. But once again, I didn’t love it. Even though it helped me get to sleep and stay asleep, I wouldn't say I liked depending on drugs, and it left me feeling groggy the next day. I didn’t feel like myself.

Throughout my research, I kept seeing articles talking about a new blanket called the SLEEP BLANKET that’s supposed to be good for your sleep and anxiety. But even though I saw it again and again, I always brushed it off because I couldn’t possibly see how a weighted blanket would help.




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