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7 items like these sheets and pillows give a child the best sleep.

Sleep is a significant part of the day for a child.  You cannot ignore its importance.  The effects of sleep deprivation can immediately be seen in children who sleep for less hours than they should.  Every parent must ensure that their child gets a good night’s sleep regularly.  It is vital for their personal development and physical growth.

So, if you are a parent concerned about your child’s sleeping habits, here are a few reasons why your child needs good quality sleep regularly.

1. To Give Their Body A Break

Children find nothing as relaxing as lying over their cozy warm beds, under their favorite comforter after a tiring day at school.  For children, this break is more important than it is for adults.  It is the time when their bodies restore and energize themselves, and build muscle.  Without healthy sleep, your child can not stay active for the next day’s activities.

2. Regulate Emotions

If your child is not getting a good night’s sleep, it is definitely going to show through his mood.  He will get irritated every time you talk to him and will not want your company.

3. Helps Them Grow

Insufficient sleep can lead to stunted growth.  A good night’s sleep is essential for their bodies to be producing the right amount of hormones to keep them growing and getting strong.  Buy them their favorite sheets or pillows to ensure they have healthy sleep.

4. It Builds Up Their Resistance

Insufficient sleep can weaken their immune system’s ability to respond to and recover from illnesses.  The white blood cells, part of the immune system, are reduced in number due to lack of sleep. Remember, these cells play a significant part in seeking out and destroying diseases.  So, lack of sleep will mean your child being more prone to diseases and illnesses.

5. Lets Them Learn

When your child does not get healthy sleep, he faces trouble paying attention, acquiring and retaining knowledge, and recalling things.  All these things are an important part of their learning process. Children who stay deprived of sleep face difficulties learning the basic things they must learn.

6. It Affects Weight

Children who stay deprived of sleep tend to get overweight.  This is because lack of sleep impacts the hormone leptin whose function is to signal to the brain that the body has consumed enough.  Sleep Deprivation impacts this hormone stopping it from performing its function.  Hence, your child keeps on eating without realizing that the body has consumed enough food already and is fully satisfied.

7. It Reduces Risks Of Injury

It is more likely that children who do not get proper sleep at night get injured more often.  They are less cautious during the day and are more exposed to accidents.  So, it is important for parents to ensure their child gets a good night’s sleep.

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