cabelas old headquarters in sidney nebraska

What happened to Cabela’s old headquarters in Sidney, Nebraska

Since the buyout of Cabela’s by Bass Pro Shops several things have happened in Sidney, Nebraska. The closing of Cabela’s resulted in the loss of nearly 2000 jobs in the local economy, or 1/3 of the people in Sidney needed to look for work.  The loss of revenue to the local economy resulted in many mom and pop stores having to close up business after years of productivity in Sidney’s downtown district. 

Read more about the consequences of the sale and merger here:

“Businesses open and someday they may close.  We can work together to build something that will help the folks in Sidney, Nebraska to be fruitful once again.  Capitalism is not a charity, however helping those who have suffered a loss is.  No one has ever gone poor from helping others.” Stated Berkshire Vandergraph.  His #Amazon like online shopping center is currently looking into the once productive city of Sidney as an opportunity for a new retail headquarters.  Berkshire States, “Sidney offers a unique opportunity for a retail headquarters.  We do not currently have a walk in retail store, but with Cabela’s no longer inhabiting their beautiful Sidney Headquarters that could change.  In addition, the opportunity also exists where a ready trained group of online marketing and product distribution professionals living in Sidney are not currently doing a job they are best adapted to.  We see where a possible underutilized workforce could jump in and help us make a move to the next level. You really just have to understand the dynamics that make up small town America.  Folks know each other and in some cases it is a large family.  People go back as far as Kindergarten in some cases.  I have just had so many good experiences in Nebraska, and with the people of Western, Nebraska.  Heck, I married a Nebraska native from a small town just north of the Kansas border(Red Cloud, Ne).  This is a worthwhile cause.”  We love Nebraska.  I can remember jumping in dads pick up to go to Sidney each year for our annual Cabela’s run.

We need help getting set up in Sidney.  We at require financial backing to move our operations into Sidney, Nebraska from Fort Collins, Colorado.  Plain and simple, we want to help.  We want to establish a headquarters in Sidney, but we cannot afford to do so at this time.  Will you help us to make the move and to reestablish a similar working infrastructure for the citizens of this town?  We offer many of the same products as Cabela’s did, and so much more.  We run our company as a family and our potential for growth is limitless.  We are a privately owned organization that is completely transparent.  We are not beholden to any debtors or shareholders.  If everyone would just forego a cup of coffee tomorrow morning and donate those few dollars to our cause, we could reestablish jobs for the citizens of Sydney, Ne.  Please reach out with any questions and we will respond promptly.  There are no guarantee we will be the next big thing for Sidney, but we are willing to try.  You can help us by visiting our Go Fund Me:


The Reason this Works:

If you help us, we are creating jobs.  Every dollar you trust us with will help many people in Sidney, Nebraska to gain a full time job in a community where jobs are needed.  When they have a job your money pays it forward with every dollar they earn and spend.  We pay those employees and then they spend those dollars which impacts others in the community.  Your donation continues to work.  How many times do you here that?  Your donation will help others go to work so they can help themselves.  No free rides here.  Our goal will be to build a lasting business that keeps its commitment to Sydney, Nebraska.  


Kindest Regards,

Berkshire Vandergraph



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