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4 things to consider when shopping for the right sewing machine for your needs

With so many different types of sewing machines available today, it is almost impossible for you to identify the right one when considering your use.  There a number of new makes and models in the market to confuse you.  Thus, it is important for you to consider the following things before choosing the right sewing machine for your needs.

What you intend to use your machine for?

Knowing the purpose that you intend to use your machine for before you begin the search for it will help make the process easy for you.  If you are a beginner, buying an expensive and a more complicated sewing machine will only be a waste of money.  But if you want to do more heavy-duty sewing, buying a simple sewing machine will be of no use since you will need one with advanced features and functions.  So, unless you do not have a particular purpose for which you intend to use the new machine, buy a mid-range model that is neither too complicated nor very simple.  When you feel you have polished your skills, then you may consider buying one with more advanced features.

Does it come with accessories?

There are sewing machines that come with some basic accessories, so it is best to know before you buy whether or not the one you want will come with any basic accessories such as presser feet or an extension table with it.  These accessories are a plus to have if you know how to use them.  You can always compare the different makes and model and see the accessories of which model suit your needs.  You may even choose to buy computerized needlecraft machines such as our Computerized Sewing Machine 60, again depending upon your use.

What features does it offer?

Features such as a firm base, an adjustable needle position, bright light, and a perfect stitch are must haves in your new sewing machine.  However, if it has an automatic thread cutter and an adjustable speed control, then these are bonus features that will make stitching easier for you.  If you are looking for a particular feature in your machine, such as a one-step buttonhole function or a four-step buttonhole function, then make sure that you buy a machine that offers this function.

How many types of stitches will you need the machine to make? 

This will solely depend upon your sewing plans.  To make more unique items you will need a sewing machine that has more stitching functions and that is able to make different types of stitches.  Obviously if you do not plan to sew items that will require different types of stitches, there is no use paying for more options when you will never use them.  Make your decision wisely.

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