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Buy Online Websites

Hello and welcome to another short narrative hosted by our friends over at recently America's favourite place to shop online. Today we take a look at how and where to "buy online websites".

So who are BargainBrute? They are one of America's few family businesses still up and running; their promise to every one of their online shoppers is quite simple:

If there is a good quality bargain out there, then they will get it, and sell it at the lowest price possible, while still maintaining the quality of their product. Simply put, you will not find bargain products of this quality anywhere else on the Internet.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that, their employee's, contractors, and affiliates working for BargainBrute, intend this article to be taken as advice only, it is up to the individual reader to check for themselves all information contained in this narrative. We cannot be responsible for any business decisions of any sort made by the reader of this document.

You can with the help of the Global Internet "Buy Online Websites," either to promote a service, market an online retail shopping site, or simply flip them to make a bit of money for yourself. In fact, the revenue possibilities are practically boundless.

However, if you want to bring in cash purchasing sites with little or low risk to your finances, you must carry out a genuine evaluation of the webpages on the website you are thinking of taking over. Remember it is your cash, so consider your options cautiously before you get to the purchasing stage.

Authors note: Most importantly find out first why the webmaster is selling the website, ask yourself is it being sold to make a bit of money or is it being sold because it is a bit of a lemon (has no traffic etc.)

Next, if you intend to flip sites to make a sum of money for yourself, you need to purchase "low" to get any opportunity of rapidly making any form of profit. However, it isn't just about searching out the greatest deal, look at the website like a house, if it is a fixer-upper beware as it may turn into turn into a denounced cash pit before you get the chance to flip it because of outstanding renovations.

Remember, when looking for online counsel regarding the flipping of sites, watch out, as "believe it or not" not all webmasters are as genuine as yourself. In fact, over the years there have been  numerous exhortation rackets, rackets that are just attempting to steal the profits from your last website deal, so beware the scammers, all of who can be spotted quite quickly, and remember never give money upfront until you have checked them out first.

Authors note: A good place to check them out is at Google Domains and its free to do so.

OK and moving on. Very importantly before you enter into any sort of agreement first think of how you will be improving the site after you purchase it, not forgetting to figure out what you might pay for the improvements, after all, you may be flipping it, so you do not want to eat into any potential profits.

As a rule of thumb, consider purchasing a site with traffic focused toward an item that you now produce or sell. After all, it is easier to buy or sell something if you know something about the service or product.

Consider the amount you need to pay to stay in the black. Sites are a fast-moving business sector with a considerable number of options, I have seen sites purchased on a Monday and sold again on the same day, not something I would advise but it happens consistently, so be sure about what you are willing and ready to contribute and don't overpay.

Know what you want for your ROI (Return on Investment) or to put it another way, how long before you get your money back.

Authors explanation of the above: If you need your ROI inside one year, don't pay in excess the month to month net benefit of the site (12x).

OK, you have completed your homework now is the time to contact the vendor.

Request as much data as you can from the vendor if he is honest he will not think twice before giving it to you. If the vendor attempts to shy away then move on and search elsewhere.

Once you have received the data, you will then be in a position to make an educated assessment of your chances for turning the website into a winner.

Authors note: The minimum data you should be looking for is, site traffic. Does it have many subscribers, will the subscribers follow you once you have purchased the site, a good vendor will help you with this. Furthermore, it would also be good practice to complete an online search of the website before committing and while doing so, keep your eyes open for any reviews, be careful as some webmasters have been known to write there own.

Finally, consider leading a WHOIS search, this will give you possession and owner details and when the site was first registered, then ask the vendor to provide you with access to Google Analytics for the site. This will allow you to make your own appraisal of the website, your potential website, the website which has the potential to bring all your dreams to fruition.

Well, folks, I do thank you for reading, and I will see you all again for another short narrative, on what subject I do not know as of yet, but I will make it as topical and interesting as I can.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph household, and every employee at, we thank you for shopping with us.

Kind Regards and you all stay safe.



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