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5 ways to learn self defense through video tutorials

People spend years of training so that, when needed, they are able to defend themselves.  Since the beginning of time, man has been facing danger in some way or the other.  With that said, self defense in today’s world, can be very handy.  By mastering different forms of martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, etc, or by even learning only some basic moves, you give yourself a better chance of staying safe all the time.  According to a study, many women have been forced for sexual intercourse against their will.  Thus, self defense is as important for women as for men.

Let us take a look at a few reasons why you must learn self defense.

  1. Self defense is important to boost your morale.  Knowing different techniques and moves builds your self confidence.  You know that you are capable of defending yourself and escaping danger anytime of the day.
  2. As you train yourself for self defense, your physical and mental strength are improved.  Your muscles stay strong and healthy.  You develop good body balance, and your opponents can not easily throw you down during a fight.
  3. While it is scary going out alone at night, you cannot ignore the fact that there are times when you need to.  There are dangers out there that you need to be wary of.  If you know some self defense techniques such as blocking a punch or kick, you know you can escape any situation.


 At our online self defense store, we have a collection of self defense videos to teach you the art of self defense.  Here is how they can help you.

1. Fighting Machete

Machetes are very useful tools.  Due to their long wide blades, they are used at farms and orchards.  In case of an emergency, they can cut, slash, or pierce through anything that comes in your way.  Our Fighting Machete DVD will help you learn the full self defense potential of machetes.

2. Fighting Sarong

“The Fighting Sarong” is an Indonesian and Filipino art of self defense.  Through our Fighting Sarong Videos, you will learn how to counter an attacker who comes at you with punches and kicks.  You will also learn how to use your sarong to defend against a knife.

3. Fighting Tomahawk

An American invention, the Tomahawk is another highly useful tool.  However, very few people know how to use and take advantage of its full potential.  Through our Fighting Tomahawk DVD you will learn how to exploit the versatility of the Tomahawk.

4. Warrior’s Edge Collection

Watching and studying our Warrior's Edge Collection Video faithfully with your training partner, will help you gain the skills and abilities required to give you a huge advantage over your opponent with a knife.

5. Stun, stagger and stop

Our Stun, Stagger, and Stop DVD enables you to learn the skills and gain the confidence required to overcome muggers or gang members who try to attack you or your loved ones.  You will learn techniques to escape from a grappling situation, get back into the fight if you are dragged to the ground, and even strategies to deal with a number of attackers.






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