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sarah' s fashions rock and roll fashion gear

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The wonderful days of rock and roll in the 1960s was a time when you were either in love, falling in love, or about to fall in love. The days of wartime rationing had just ended in the United Kingdom and United States, and life was becoming more and more bearable. One thing was certain, the air was full of the sounds of Rock and Roll, thundering into our hearts like a freight train rumbling through the night.

So enormous was this sound echoing across the land that many of us simply could not get enough of it. Gone were the days when American or British crooners blockaded our small transistor radios which had to be held to our ears so we would not miss a single note.  The young at last were becoming of age. No longer satisfied with the music of their forefathers they wanted their own, and boy did they get it.

That same good old Rock and Roll music is still played today and thanks must go to PBS stations who always run specials relating to this era. Thanks should also go to young entrepreneurs like Sarah Vandergraph. Sarah owns and runs her own online shopping site called Sarah’s Fashions where you will find premium clothing and accessories at great prices for the whole family. The quality of the products sold there are second to none, and I challenge you to find any better online shopping deals anywhere.

10 year old Sarah surprised us all when in the little time she has left in her hectic schedule, set up another internet shop called  Sarah's Fashions Rock And Roll Fashion Gear.  A online shop dedicated to the era of good old Rock and Roll.  She has amongst her collection thousands of concert T-shirts and other Rock and Roll memorabilia you will not find anywhere else on the internet, all in stock and ready to be delivered to your door with free shipping on most items, usually the day after order. Do not miss your chance to grab some of these T-shirts as they will go fast, remember you will not find them anywhere else on the internet.  They are tour t-shirts from actual concerts and limited edition shirts.  These are not reprints.


First Love

Before I go any further, it would be remiss of me not to mention a young man simply called the King, or as others call him, Elvis Presley. They say you never forget your first love, and this would seem very true, at least in my case. Her name was Christine, the love of my life, and one sunny Sunday afternoon we found ourselves alone in the sitting room of her parent's house. This was very unusual as in those days you were not even allowed to hold hands, let alone be found alone at home.

Anyway, sitting in the corner of the room was a brand new small, black and white television. This was a novelty back in those days and believe it or not you only had one channel. In order to get that channel you had to play with these funny looking things called antennas.

What was about to happen would change my life forever. Switching the TV on she knelt on the living room carpet while resting her elbows on the small coffee table cupping her face in her hands. After the TV warmed up, yes in those days it took quite some time to do this, Elvis came onto a stage and stood in front of hundreds of screaming teenagers. Then, after raising his hand in a friendly way, he started to sing. The results were immediate.

He started singing “Love me, Tender.” From the opening line, I watched as my girlfriend's shoulders quivered in time to the gentle music her sobs audible above the sound of the television. Then, when he had finished, she got up, and to the sound of Paul Anka, came over to me, placed her head on my shoulder and sighed.

I swore then and there that I too, one day, would become another Elvis. Unfortunately, just like my first love this was not to be, and Christine and I grew further and further apart. I often wonder where she is today and whether she is well.

From that day on the 1960s and rock and roll continued on at an ever-faster pace and the United Kingdom was visited by some of the greats of America, “Bill Haley and the Comets” who incidentally all stepped off the plane in London wearing suits and ties just like our Dads and Uncles. Roy Orbison and his famous black guitar just to mention only two. Yep, one thing was clear, we all wanted one thing, and that was to be just like them.

However, there was a problem. In order to be like them, we needed instruments, and as we were all broke, there was no way we could have purchased them. Luckily for us, though we were still in the days of skiffle, and a guy called “Lonnie Donegan” was still popular. Some of his hits included "Frankie and Johnny", "Puttin' On the Style", and "The House of the Rising Sun." later a mega-hit for “The Animals”.

Skiffle groups were famous for making do with anything they could find to make makeshift instruments. For us, this was a godsend, and we set about procuring anything we could find to make our instruments, and soon many things disappeared in our homes in order to make this happen. A Bass  Guitar was no problem as we lived close to the docks where once again we procured an old wooden tea-chest, which we took home, stuck one of my mother's broom handle through the top, tied a piece of string from the top of the handle down to the tea-chest, and bobs your uncle we had our first instrument.

Next on the list was our percussion instruments, we quickly found an old washboard and a darning thimble borrowed (permanently) from my friend's Grandmother which was used to scape up and down on the washboard to create a rather annoying grating sound. The guitar, however, was a different problem, we had no choice but to pool all our paper route money, enabling us to buy the cheapest guitar we could find. If my memory serves me right, it was about $3.00.

That was it, we were in business and even had a name. We called ourselves the “The lonesome fellows,” why I have no idea. We were off, or so we thought, but soon discovered no one could play the guitar. There was nothing else we could do about it, so I was picked to learn the three chords which were required to play the “Lonnie Donegan,” hit  "Frankie and Johnny". Our first performance was in the basement of the local church, and we had an audience of two little old ladies and the three children they were babysitting, but that did not matter we were on our way and stardom beckoned.

We have only just scratched the service on this personal journey through “Rock and Roll” of the 1960s, 70s, 80, and 90s, just wait until you meet the mega groups akin to “The Doors,”  “Eric Clapton and Cream,” “The Animals,”  “Stones,” “Led Zeppelin,” and “Pink Floyd”. Yes, we have just scratched the service, and the best is yet to come.

My thanks go to Sarah Vandergraph owner, and operator of online Sarah’s Fashions and her incredible online Sarah' s Fashions Rock And Roll Fashion Gear for making this journey possible. Without her “Rock and Roll” would again lose yet another platform to keep “Rock and Roll” rolling on.

Be sure to visit Sarah and snap up some of those T-shirts, as they will not be there for long. Who knows you may get that special t-shirt collectors have been looking for, for so long. I am sure there will be a part two of  Sarah' s Fashions Rock And Roll Fashion Gear a personal journey to do this incredible theme justice,.

So hang onto your guitars and keep on rocking, I will see you on the inside of  Sarah' s Fashions Rock And Roll Fashion Gear, but until then remember to hold onto your dreams they are your oysters, so never forget and go for them like there is no tomorrow.

Many thanks for taking the time to read

Keep on Rocking until the next time.

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