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Shop the stores in our Online Shopping Mall to see our HUGE selection and Great Bargains. Blog review: the ultimate shopping experience

Are you a shopaholic? If your response is yes, then you will love to read my review. I am addicted to upgrading my wardrobe every now and then. This is why I am always on the lookout for great shopping sites. I work long hours, so I do not get the time to go to malls.

For me online shopping is a more convenient option. We all know that the online world is full of scams, so it takes a bit of investigation to develop your trust on a shopping portal. Two months back I was surfing for a great online shopping platform and came across

I was skeptical to shop from here at first because I had never shopped from them before. However, I decide to take a chance.  My experience has been so positive I just had to share.

An overview about

When I had a look at the website of I noticed that they have an extensive variety of items. It is a one stop solution for buying items of your choice. I love art, and they have an Art Collectibles store called Audrey's Artwork that is run by an exceptional 5 yo little girl.  Audrey Vandergraph, the daughter of Billionaire Douglas Vandergraph runs this store and you will fall in love with the pieces she has chosen if you have an artistic eye.  I researched Audrey further and found out that she is quickly becoming recognized in the business world as the youngest Senior Executive in the United States.  Very impressive Mr. Vandergraph!

Apart from this, has an additional 43 stores.  As I virtually walked through each store I felt as if I were at the mall itself.  The graphics, product pictures and descriptions all made perfect sense to me.  With 2 million different products I was beginning to wonder if I would have time to see everything!!  This was amazing!!! Being a parent, I love the fact that site is also good news for all new mommies out there who do not have the time to rush to the markets to buy things for their babies. You will find baby food, clothes, toys, diapers and baby skincare products in the All Inclusive Baby store.  I mentioned clothing.  I was completely amazed by Sarah’s Fashions.  At the age of 8 years old this little girl is apparently in the 7th grade and in her free time runs a multi-million dollar fashion outlet.  Unbelievable!  I could not believe how many articles are on the internet about this amazing family.  Sarah also maintains the store on called Sarah’s Fashions.  They have fashion and apparel for Men, Women, and kids, as well as Shoes and accessories.  It was hard for me to see myself taking fashion tips from a 8 year old, but I found some really nice things at prices I feel are fair.  I bought more than I should have.  :) 

If home is where the heart is, then the good news is that you can find plenty of love at the Colorado Furniture Mart.  I guess I never really thought about getting my furniture from an online store, but I will now.  That store is full of everything you need for the home.  My garden can use some help as well.  Once again this one stop giant has an answer with a store call Peaceful Home and Garden.  I especially loved the outdoor furniture and fountains.  I spent way too much time in this store. You can also get ahold of computer supplies, cell phones, beauty supplies, jewelry, pet supplies and toys at this Online Shopping Mall with 43 different stores.

What I found interesting about is that they even have a full Grocery store called High Country Grocery that will deliver groceries directly to your doorstep.  I have to admit that I got to bed late the first time I ventured into this cool mall.  Pretty much has changed my thinking on shopping.  Why have I been wasting so much time driving to multiple stores to deal with people, parking, etc...?  I can just get everything I need from the 43 different stores here and the prices are very nice.

Why should be your preference

What I love about this online store is the element of accessibility. It is a common dilemma for me when I visit stores I get confused what to buy and what not to buy.

Online shopping at this shopping mall was easier for me because I could just select the store I wanted, and then all the relevant items I am looking for are displayed in front of my eyes.  Not being a traditional online shopper, this makes my quest easier.

The prices of products offered by are also quite reasonable. I realized this when I compared the prices of their products with the prices of items available in other online stores. In addition, I found that this online shopping mall incentivizes the stores within to give discounts to customers as well.

Initially, I ordered a jacket from Sarah’s Fashions. This is when I realized that quality standards of this online shopping mall are quite high and they do not make any compromises at all. ensures each store updates their item variety on a regular basis.  In the past few months I had a very negative experience buying things from different online stores because of the poor customer support. However, this time shopping online was a different experience altogether.'s customer support gave prompt responses, and they took the time to answer all of my concerns.  Their relationship with Sarah’s Fashions is obviously seamless.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that Sarah's father owns the online shopping mall?  I guess they can afford to treat customers the way they deserve to be treated.

Based on the website info, believes in prompt delivery from it's online stores. You do not have to wait for days for your order to arrive. The website indicates that they have a network of 97 shipping facilities/warehouses and the packaging is managed in a way that the item reaches you safe and sound. This was my experience when I bought the jacket.  It arrived quickly and looks great on me!!  :)

I am of the opinion that they have strong quality checks before they deliver the items. 

Another aspect that I would like to tell you about here is that appears to have sound policies. If you want to return any item, then you have about 10 days to do that. For clothes you need to contact customer service.  They have a chat feature on the mall website so you can talk to someone if you want to or do your own thing.  I like that!!!  If you return any non-damaged items, then the purchase can be refunded. This policy shows one thing clearly and that is the online shopping mall gives a lot of flexibility to the customers.  

You do not have to worry about any privacy issues when you make a purchase from this site. I have made several purchases and I feel that all my information is safe. Additionally, this website has a GoDaddy security certificate also that will ensure that you do not have to worry when you buy items from this online store.

How to sign up with

I like the fact that this shopping mall gives me the ability to register.  It is not required, but I personally like it when stores know me and my habits.  I have found that registering with has helped them to tailor a shopping experience that is specific to me.  With 2 million different products they always have a variety of options in all price ranges.  They let me know when prices drop and when a great new item is trending so I always have the option of getting the latest and greatest.  

They do not spam me, and I appreciate their professional approach.



I personally recommend that you should think about buying your items from It is a hassle free process and you can get anything you need for daily living delivered to your doorstep.

 Based on my experience, I can assure you of one thing, you will not regret buying from this Colorado based shopping mall.  It is amazing to find 47 different stores in one place.






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