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Just 160 short years ago, Congress passed three separate bills which would change the face of America as we know it, the age of ranching was with us. These bills would come to be known as the “Homestead Act,” and offered 160 acres of free land to any settler who promised to improve the property as long as he or she maintained the ground for a minimum of 5 years.

Oklahoma Land Rush

Thirty years later in 1889 Washington opened up a further 2,000,000 acres (8,100 km2) of unpopulated land in the new territory of Oklahoma which began what is now known as the “Land Run of 1889”. This is the location where over 100,000 settlers lined up in a race to claim their own bit of land, theses settlers would become known as “Baby Boomers”. The age of the “Ranch” had begun, America would never be the same again, and the race to find cheap fertile land was on. The great land rush of 1889 had begun.

The First Ranch

Although there is no definitive proof, “Deep Hollow Ranch approximately 100 miles east of New York claims this accolade, as it was first used as a ranch in 1658.

As the settlers and the would-be ranchers moved ever westward, so did the army setting up forts as they went. Unlike the myth created in the now-famous “dime novels,” many of these forts were not heavily fortified walled enclosures. Many of them, in-fact, were little more than tent cities which would be uprooted as the ranchers and settlers moved even further west.

One of the more permanent forts was Fort Collins, built within the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. It just happens to be located quite close to what is now one of Americas largest online ranch suppliers. A supplier who was voted the best place to shop online in 2019.

Just why Rocky Mountain Ranch Supply  received this accolade is plain to see. They simply have some of the best online internet bargains, and when you add their popular daily deals, it is no wonder they received such a reward. There is simply nowhere else like them on the internet, give them a call now you will not regret it.

This online supply store has what any rancher back in the days of the old west could only dream of when first setting up their homestead or ranch. Their megalithic inventory is second to none with, quite frankly, everything from the preverbal kitchen sink to seeds, animal feeds, canning supplies, cutting tools, dairy & beef the list just goes on and on, but the complete itemized file is just too long to include in this short narrative.

Yes, Rocky Mountain Ranch Supply has everything for a potential rancher setting up his ranch for the first time, or a rancher who simply wants to extend its inventory requires. Furthermore, all sold at unbelievable bargain prices and of the highest possible quality we have come to expect from America's number one ranch supplier. Located in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

The year of the red snow

Officially, historians tell us that the American land rush ended in 1890, and both ranchers and settlers settled down and cultivated their newfound land. Everything seemed to be going well, but lurking in the background was a calamity which none could have envisioned. When it hit, many ranchers lost their livelihoods, and some were even driven to suicide.

Throughout the 1920s ranchers were going through their glory years. Rainfall was excellent, the winters were relativity warm, and it would seem that ranchers had never had it so good and because of the new transcontinental railways, there was never any problem transporting crops or receiving deliveries of much-needed supplies. The prewarnings of an imminent disaster for the great plains of America came in the summer of 1930.

Drought had come to the vast plains of America and would last until 1941 when a colossal deluge of immense proportions. Some say biblical events hit the great plains of America causing flooding no one had seen before, on the overhand it did end the drought and teach us all a very valid lesson.

The fertile topsoil, mainly due to bad farming techniques was reduced to a cloud of thin reddish dust which the prairie winds picked up by the ton blowing them eastward by the continental winds. This was the start of the dust bowl period, a period which would send ranching back into medieval times.

The topsoil did not stand a chance without the grasses required to hold it in place in the heavily ploughed fields. It was picked up and deposited elsewhere, people had said they could not see five feet in front of their faces when the winds were at their height. Then on the 11th of November 1933, a severe dust storm which lasted for over two days decimated  South Dakota lifting over 5,500 tons of topsoil before blowing it all the way to Chicago depositing the soil onto the city. Two days later the storm reached Clevland, New York City, Boston, Buffalo and Washington D.C.

That year, 1934-1935 at Christmas time, the residents of New England awoke to the site of red snow blanketing the whole area. Ranchers all over the great plains were once again forced to start over again hopefully using better farming practices. This included replanting natural grasses that would act as the glue to hold the much needed fertile topsoil together for future generations.

My sincere thanks go out to Rocky Mountain Ranch Supply  part of the BargainBrute.Com network of online family businesses who are Your full-service Ranch, Farm and Veterinary Supply Store” for giving me the chance to provide my own personal take on the Ranchers of our great American country.

Afterall without them, we would not live in what is perhaps one of the most important agricultural countries in the world.

So many thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you on the inside of the Rocky Mountain Ranch Supply voted the best place to shop online in 2019.


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