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          Pinterest is a powerhouse traffic generator for your business website, blog, or social media account.  Many brands have been built from the ground up just using Pinterest as a launch point.  Your pinterest account appeal grows as you add valuable content.  There in lies the challenge.  Where do you find seemingly limitless content to post to your Pinterest Account?  The more you post, the more your account shows up in the Pinterest search results, and the more people see you and your branding.  This means increased public awareness and business appeal for your account.  Industry experts will tell you that a strong presence on Pinterest is a must.  Over 255 million people search Pinterest each month.  That is alot of eyes, and a huge consumer base for your organization to tap into.  Pinterest makes it easier for you and your business to win.

          Since Pinterest only presents content posted by Pinterest account holders, you can be seen more, the more you post.  This being the case, many Pinterest users are turning to high content websites like to enhance their accounts.  One visit to, and you will find over 3 million different products that consumers are interested in.  The nice thing about this online shopping mall is that each of the 3 million products have a simple red P, or Pinterest logo button shown on each.  So you can easily grow your pinterest account by just clicking on the red P, or Pinterest logo button at the bottom of any product which will then list that product on your Pinterest account.  This is a easy and very effective absolutely free way to increase your presence on Pinterest, grow your account, and have your account show up in the results being viewed by over 255 million buyers each month.  The more your account shows up, the more awareness you will generate for your brand.

1.  Log into

2.  Search the over 3 million products shown and find something you can love, and that you think others will love as well

3.  Click the Red P, or pinterest logo button shown under the product picture.

4.  When the Pinterest account box pops up, add a description, hashtags, or your web address to the description 

5.  Click the Post button and now the content will be listed on your Pinterest account

          Now that you are an expert at adding content to Pinterest, you have over 3 million different options for posting to your account for free.  If you post all 3 million items to your Pinterest account, that would be 3 million seperate opportunities for your Pinterest account to show up in the search results provided to the over 255 million folks searching Pinterest each month.  You could become the Next Big Thing!

Thank you to for providing an amazing free opportunity to grow our Pinterest accounts with an amazing amount of free content option.

CLICK HERE to begin posting content.


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