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postmaster cats in great britain get maternity leave.

Have you ever noticed that “Pets” spelled backward is “Step,” so you have to wonder if that is the reason millions of people use their pets as a way of guiding them through the normal cycle of life as safely as possible? In a way, helping you not miss your step when out exploring this beautiful but complicated world we live in today.

When speaking about her pets, Sarah Vandergraph, the young CEO owner of Sarah’s Fashions, an online premium and fashion outlet and author of Cats VS Dogs, hit the nail on the head when she attributed this beautiful quote from,”( )  when referring to her pets “A friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself. Quite apt, I thought and should remind us all that a well-kept pet will only ever ask for love, and of course, good quality care items, a bit of food, and occasional treats.  All of which can be found at Clifford’s Pet Supplies, one of Baraginbrute.Com’s friendly online internet stores, where you will find all your pet's requirements all at bargain prices.

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The human love affair with animals as pets has been with us for thousands of years. In-fact, fossilized remains would indicate that humans kept animals as pets some 12,000 years ago, and it would seem we were not alone. As surprising as it might seem, animals have also kept other animals as pets. A gorilla named “Koko” and an orangutan called Tonda both had cats as pets. We found online an Elephant named Bella who chose a dog to become his lifelong friend and became visibly depressed when his companion died, turning away other potential friends when his keepers offered them.

How widespread is pet ownership in the United States? Suffice to say, in 2019, pets outnumbered children by four to one, so that may be why Americans spend a staggering $70 billion on their pets every year.

The Strange case of “Tibs the Great.” Today's mini featurette

Tibs the Great was a tabby cat employed at the Post Office Headquarters in London at two shillings and sixpence (half a crown) per week. His main job was to catch rats and mice. (Author's note you will have to trust me, I promise I am not making this up, I couldn’t if I tried)

Tibs was born in 1950, and he died of obesity and oral cancer in 1964. His Mother was another famous mouser called Minnie. His father, alas, was unknown, having deserted Minnie when he found out that she was pregnant. Some people maintain that Minnie's boyfriend was also the Grandfather of the cat, who is now in residence at 10 Downing street, the British Priministers residence in Westminster, London.

Anyway, to get back to our story, Tibs completed his daily tasks well, keeping the basement cafeteria area free of rats and mice. One day, he was observed by a visiting member of the public who had popped in for a cup of tea. Remarking to a cleaner nearby, a man named Alf Talbut, who just happened to be the cat owner, how well the cat looked and worked.  The owner replied, “yes, but he works for peanuts and has never had a pay rise in all the time he had worked there. Shocked, the visitor stood and walked away, stating that she would make enquires.

The following day there was public outrage when people found out of the plight of “Tibs” in the newspapers. During question time in the House of Commons, the then  Assistant Postmaster-General, David Gammans, was asked exactly when the maintenance of cats allowance for all cats employed in his department last raised?

I give you below written in its entirety the Assistant Postmaster-Generals reply (my thanks go to my good friends at Wikipedia for the response)

Gammans replied I am afraid, a certain amount of industrial chaos in the Post Office cat world. Allowances vary in different places, possibly according to the alleged efficiency of the animals and other factors. It has proved impossible to organize any scheme for payment by results or output bonus. However, these State servants are frequently unreliable, inconsistent in their duties, and liable to prolonged absenteeism.

My hon. And a gallant friend has been misinformed regarding the differences between cat rates in Northern Ireland and other parts of the United Kingdom. There are no Post Office cats in Northern Ireland. Except for the cats at Post Office Headquarters who got the special allowance a few years ago, presumably for prestige reasons, there has been a general wage freeze since July 1918, but there have been no complaints!

He then went on to explain that all serving cats are entitled to maternity leave and allowances.

Authors note: Who needs fiction when quite often, the truth is often stranger.

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