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the technology behind online shopping


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The technology behind online shopping

Searching for an anniversary gift or maybe just something to say thanks for? Then chances are, perhaps because of its rapidly growing popularity you will turn to the internet, rather than shop at a traditional brick and mortar retail outlet.

Whereas in the beginning, shopping online was both complicated and rather haphazard. Today mainly because of better technology has become more manageable and more straightforward to use.

Furthermore, because of the relative small overheads when compared to traditional retail outlets, an online retailer can afford to give you those top high-quality bargains at a fraction of the cost of any high street shop, and with same-day shipping usually offered at no further cost. Why would anyone want to drag themselves through the snow and rain just to find that the gift they were searching for, is no longer in stock or worse still, is on back order.

I am afraid to say, as far as I'm concerned, there are two types of men out there, those who love shopping, and those who do not. As for me, I fall into the second category, so I am delighted that most modern-day online retailers have gone out of their way to find even more hi-tech ways to entice me into their online domains, domains which I have to say have made my life a lot less time consuming and I have to say more enjoyable.

Two American online retailers, the New York-based website Etsy and Colorado-based BargainBrute.Com, immediately spring to mind when thinking of new online shopping technologies, as both have embraced new technologies, and what's more they also have a truly expansive inventory. Both selling, it would seem, anything from cameras to literally the proverbial kitchen sink, an accomplishment which until quite recently would have been impossible without adopting stringent automatic supply technologies across their complete portfolio.

BargainBrute, for example, have in-fact built and located an impressive 97 warehouses, all of which are spread throughout the USA placed there simply to ensure they can live up to their policy of immediate same-day shipping, a procedure which has obviously not gone unnoticed by their clients who recently voted them America's favorite place to shop online, an accolade which other online retailers are striving to achieve by merely emulating the same technological principles BargainBrute have used so successfully. 

Another online retailer "Amazon" who, back in 1995 launched a website solely to sell books has also embraced and broken new boundaries allowing them, like "BargainBrute" and "Etsy", to expand their online portfolio from a singular product lineup, into a list of products only second to the supermarket giant "Walmart".

Now employing over 30,000 people, many of who are used just to work on new technological advances, advances which have allowed Amazon as their founder "Jeff Bezos" once said to eliminate "Muda," the Japanese word for waste (unnecessary spending etc.) thus increasing efficiency which allowed them to cut costs enabling them to pass on savings in the form of more quality bargains to their customers.

These new technologies have not only improved the way we shop online but also, in my opinion, improved our individual lifestyles.

Nowadays we all seem to lead busy lives, even if we are retired it seems we never have enough time left in our day. Sometimes, at least for me, just the thought of getting dressed, then driving the car into town through what at times seems like an extended car park is perhaps the worst thing I could possibly think of doing do on a summer Saturday afternoon, especially when I could just be sitting in the garden with a sweet gin and tonic just watching time go by.

Yes, for me as I have already mentioned, shopping is not my all-time favorite past time, so, it is with sincere thanks that now, I do not have to do this.

Instead, all I need is a computer or perhaps just a mobile phone, and with just a click of a mouse or just a swipe on my cell phone screen I can visit any online store I choose, and what's more, I can do all this from the comfort of my sunny back garden, while at the same time sipping my cool and refreshing gin and tonic.

Yep, no more driving on roads which at times resemble the crater ridden surface of the moon,.No more stopping at gas stations which charge you the Earth to put just a few pints of fuel in your car.

Then, to make matters worse, if you were lucky enough to survive your inbound journey you then have to fight for that singular parking spot in a car park which is charging you the equivalent of an item, you could have purchased online while staying at home in the first place. Yep,  why should I go, it just does not make sense.

No, for me it does not make any sense whatsoever, especially once you have finished doing battle with shopping carts, you return back to the car park to find you have overstayed your visit and have been slapped with what sometimes is the equivalent of a fine, handed down in a courtroom for embezzling millions of dollars from the local bank.

No this is not for me, and I do not think it is for most people. Give me online shopping any day of the week. Of course I will continue to venture into the local town and support my local retailer, but I will do it only when I want to, and that will not be on a beautiful warm and sunny Saturday afternoon.

Well guys, that is my quick look at the technology behind online shopping, I do hope you enjoyed the read even if at times it was a bit tongue in cheek. However, with that being said, for those of you out there who maybe do not like the large crowds, and instead are searching for a bit of a soothing shopping experience, then give online shopping a try, I am sure you will not regret it.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph family and every employee at, together we "Thank you for shopping with us today" and please remember if there is a bargain out there, then BargainBrute has it.

See you all tomorrow

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