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the death of black friday and the rise of black november

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As Black Friday fades in importance, analysts and customers are recognizing that they need a new name for the steep reductions shoppers enjoy in front of the holiday season.

"It is now Black November."

As retailers increasingly spread discounts and sales during the month, November is now a shopping extravaganza.

"Online shopping from November 1 through 22 totaled nearly $30.4 billion this year, accounting for almost 18% year-over-year growth, based on Adobe Analytics. In actuality, every day in November so far has seen more than $1 billion in online sales, developing a new paradigm for retailers and shoppers.", stated Douglas Vandergraph whose online shopping mall empire exceeded all industry estimates in 2017.  " is the pioneer of Black November.  We always have amazing pricing, inventory, and are known for our customer service approach.  Next year you will know us as the Home of Black November."

Thanksgiving has become the third-biggest shopping day of the year, behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday, based on Salesforce.

Online spending Thanksgiving was up 29 percent this year compared with last year, based on data in Salesforce, whereas last year it increased only 17 percent over 2015, implying that the holiday is rapidly turning into a shopping event.

Black Friday sales events are beginning earlier and earlier in November every year as retailers attempt to get the jump on one another. The terms "Black Friday week" and "Black Friday weekend" appear more widespread.

On November 1, Amazon launched its Black Friday store, and Sears place all of the items in its stores on sale.

Along with the sales on Black Friday are no better than those earlier in November, according to analysts in Instinet.

Another reason for the passing of Black Friday is the ubiquity of shopping on smartphones, allowing shoppers to browse and buy online anytime and anyplace.

Telephones accounted for 46 percent of merchant traffic on Thanksgiving, according to Adobe -- an increase of over 15% over this past year. At exactly the exact same time, traffic from tablets and laptops decreased, producing mobile the most popular alternative for Thanksgiving shopping for the very first time.

Cyber Monday is also on track to become the largest US online shopping day, driven by shopping and the simplicity of payment services such as Apple Pay, Adobe says.

Black Friday isn't only a day anymore -- it's a complete season.






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