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Good Online Shopping Websites

Good morning to you all, wherever you live, and welcome to another Informational Narrative made possible by our American hosts, BargainBrute.Com who were recently voted America's favorite place to shop online in 2020.

Today we intend to take a look at some of the "good online shopping websites" out there. However, our story will have a little twist to it as you will see by our first online shopping center. To give you a small idea I have given you a little clue below.

Have you any idea what the connection of an oilskin jacket and the Norwegen North sea has with an online shopping center? Stay tuned, and all will be revealed.

Our first Good Online Shopping Website is not so much an online retail store but a company who can help you to get started with creating your own online retail store, so stay with us.

First up Magento: This App based technological company is truly one of the giants of the online app service companies in the world. It seemed that they realized very early on in the company's long history that they had to help the online consumer to create a shopping experience which did everything to make the uniqueness of the company's products or services stand out so well that it literally implores the user to actually enter the website and browse through the products they were offering. With over 300,000 merchants and developers from across the world picking Magento to handle their product dispersal, along with their automatic invoicing systems which are provided to Magento at no additional charge, signs are that this company will continue to grow throughout the next few years, thus generating even more revenue to their ever-growing populace of online retailers.

For an idea of just how Magento supports its online clients can be seen by looking at just one of its many consumers. The immense growth of "Gabor Shoes," who were founded way back in 1919, and now has, with much help given from "Magento," over 5,000 different retailers operating out of over 60 countries around the world, which gives this amazing footwear company sales of over 450.00 million dollars each and every year.

Another retailer which integrates its products with Magento is the American giant Amazon, who Magento say generates nearly 90% of its sales from the "Amazon Buy Box" alone. When you put this together with the Magento automatic intelligent repricing feature, a feature which will adjust the price of each product automatically inline with the changing markets, the company saves time which allows Amazon, in turn, to deploy their employees to other marketing and customer service roles.

Now, as promised, it is time to find out just what an oilskin jacket and the Norwegen North sea has in common with an online shopping center.

The story goes that back in 1877, in Oslo Norway, a young boy named "Helly Juell Hansen," who had already spent most of his life at sea along with his fisherman father, was sitting on the dockside fixing the broken fishing nets from the previous night's voyage. Now, for those who have not visited Oslo, the Northern Norwegian sea has some of the roughest seas in the world, with waves sometimes reaching the same height as the Empire States Building, a height of over 1,400 feet. When you hit one of these, believe me, your heart drops down to the pit of your stomach with a resounding thud.

Another terrible consequence of sailing in these waters is the continued salt spray slamming into your face, literally peeling the skin away. For this reason, you could always guarantee that any of the crew, if you were to look in his knapsack, would have a large tub of petroleum jelly lying right on top so that it could be reached in an instance.

Anyway on with our story. It would appear that Hansen's wife "Maren Margarethe," saw a use for this somewhat slimy concoction. So she set about, along with her husband who had by then stopped fishing, an experiment with making waterproof clothes. By accident, after soaking some relatively coarse and rough material in linseed oil overnight, realized that water just ran off the service and would not penetrate to the inside of the cloth. 

Excited with their invention, they immediately began to sew together oilskin jackets, trousers, and large tarpaulins. Tarpaulins, which the local fishermen use to cover their fish while awaiting the fishmonger to price their catch, within the first five years of business the couple managed to sell over 10,000 garments from their shop located in the harbor of Oslo's fishing port. This shop in Moss, Norway was to remain their headquarters from its founding day in 1877 until October 2009.

So there it is, the mystery of just what the connection a simple oilskin jacket had with shopping centers has now been solved.

OK, our next online retail shopping outlet you should already know all about as I often write about them. That online retailer is, of course, www.BargainBrute.Com a company which is still one of the internet's global family-run online businesses.

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, this family-run online retailer prides themselves on their amazingly red hot deals which they ensure they keep in stock at all times. They are also placed continuously to the top of the largest "Daily Deal Sites" list.  A position which they obviously cherish, as they always ensure that their daily deals are always in stock at all times, and is perhaps the main reason they invested heavily on constructing over 97 warehouses all situated throughout the American mainland.

Another of the reasons for maintaining perhaps one of the best customer services records on the internet is that they will not only source a product, but when they do find that product they will pass it onto their clients at an unbelievable bargain price, which is then shipped directly to the customers home on the day of delivery or next day.

Yes, BargainBrute.Com is the only way to shop online. Pop over and give them a visit and meet the thousands of Americans who have made BarginBrute their home for online shopping.

You all take care now and on behalf of all at BargainBrute.Com, I wish you all a safe and enjoyable day.

Kind Regards, and I will see you all a little later for another BargainBrute short informative narrative.



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