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coronavirus scams and what to do

The Fed, SBA Fight Off Scams & a Breach While Processing Emergency ...


Coronavirus Scams and What to do

Welcome one and all to another short narrative made possible by our friends over at BargainBrute.com recently voted America's favorite place to shop online in 2020 with the Best Online Shopping Deals Right Now. Today we are going to look at a few of the scams some irresponsible online shopping companies have drenched the worldwide internet in ever since the outbreak of this terrible COVID-19 Pandemic.

Authors note: The information given in this short narrative is for information only, and has been put out by BargainBrute as a public service memo geared towards all of its worldwide clients.

Although we have attempted to include all up to date information regarding this subject we do not claim to have all the remedies or solutions available to all internet users. So with this mind, for your own safety, please research all companies you plan to do business with online or offline.

It would seem, as in the past, this horrid Pandemic has brought out the worst in some people or businesses. Be alert and be aware these people are using everything possible to get at your hard-earned cash phishing emails and robocalls offering cures for the Coronavirus are all commonplace. Just remember, as of yet there is no cure for this horrible disease, they are what they are scams, scams just to get hold of your money.

Best course of action when receiving an unsolicited phone call is to hang up immediately, do not even attempt to talk with them, just hang up and block the number if you can.

Scammers are using vitamins in the trillions attempting to tell people that they will, if taken regularly, cure Coronavirus. Remember there is no cure so just do not bother with them.

Some online retail companies are even touting home testing kits, marketing them at a tremendous markup. Bottomline only buy these kits from a reputable LabCorperation or FDA facility. Once again remember there is no cure, so do not bother with them.

Many Americans, unlike in other parts of the world, are receiving generous government checks to supplement them while they help to defeat this disease by working or just staying at home. Do not, I cannot emphasise enough when I say do not give them any personal information when asked either by phone call or via email.

Some of these unscrupulous companies are even asking for your social security number, date of birth, bank account numbers, or for that matter any other financial information you may have. Do not think it cannot happen to you as it can and if you have an elderly relative be on your guard at all times, when they strike an older adult this action can, because of shock, result in death no matter what the outcome is. Furthermore, that elderly person will never feel safe again.

Author's note: Normally if your government needs to contact you about your benefits then the norm is they will do it by post.

You may be offered a remote job placement and if you do forget it, once again just hang up if they are calling you by phone. Nine times out of ten they are just attempting to get you to purchase some form of software which of course you will never receive as all they wanted from you in the first place was once again CASH.

Author's note: Rule of thumb is no reputable company will ever ask you for money upfront if they do then they are not for real.

Charities: Most of us like to give to charities even if it is just a couple of bucks. However, pandemic time also brings out the charity scammers, yes out in their droves, so, always research a charity just as you would a company you may be planning to work for. Yes, Research, Research, and then research again, research until you know more about that specific charity then you know about your own family, only then feel free to donate in the way you usually do.

Here's a good trick, one that many of us forget, as mentioned previously, many scammers are setting up fake websites. Some of these websites are so good that they look startlingly similar to some of the legitimate online retail sellers.

Many of you who have read some of my past narratives know only too well that I put great emphasis on the three "Rs," Respect, Research and Relevance. So with this in mind what I personally do is to check out the date the website was first registered using any WhoIs service. This is a free service and is extremely easy and fast to do. If the site has only just been registered then the chances are that they are using a fake website and have no product to sell you, all they want once again is your hard-earned cash.

Author's note: while checking the above it is also a good idea to check out the websites "about page". You need to see at a minimum, the name of the company, where they are based, the date they were formed, contact telephone numbers, emails and if possible team members. Pop over to BargainBrute.com they have a fantastic "about page," one which informs you of everything you need to know so that you can buy both safely and securely.

Another trick you can use is to right-click on any of the website pages, then click view the page source, hold down ctrl+F and type in published this will then cleverly tell you the date the website page was first published. If it is within the time of this horrid pandemic, then the chances are that it is indeed a fake website, cleverly built but not as clever as you, now you have been shown this nifty little trick.

Well my dear friends so many thanks for taking the time to read this short narrative and I do hope it has helped you in some way.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph family, and every employee at Bargainbrute.com, we "Thank you for shopping with us today".


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