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99 percent discount online shopping


Good day my friends, and welcome to another short narrative once again sponsored by our good friends over at BargainBrute.Com, recently voted America's most favorite place to shop online with the Best Online Shopping Deals Right Now; Bottom line if there is a high-quality bargain out in internetland then BargainBrute will have it, and of course at the best price to be found anywhere on the internet So why not give them a try and join the thousands who have made BarginBrute what they are today, America's favorite family-run place to shop online in 2020.  They truly are the Best Online Discount Shopping Site.

Today we are going to delve into the mysteries of 99 percent discount online shopping with the hope of finding out if you can still find an online shopping company who still offers 99 percent discount on their products, or is this notion just what it seems an advertising ploy just to drag you into one of their online shopping centers.

The modern-day internet is, it would seem, awash with discount offers, shopping deals, buy now pay later, you name it they can all be found with just a click of that little mouse typically found resting on its tiny rubber mat, it would seem calling out, pick me up, I am yours to serve, and of course, most of us do, and of course, when we do, we all spend a little of our hard-earned cash.

Nothing wrong with that, however, it would be nice to know in advance if the item we are about to pay for either by credit card or debit is of good sound quality, and comes from a reputable company who offers good old family values and of course respect for their customers, new or old.

Authors note: One of my pet hates are companies which offer their new clients tons and tons of special offers but always forget their older customers, the same customers which enabled them to start-up business in the first place.

The first thing everyone should get out of their mind is the old saying which goes something like this, "if it's cheap, it ain't no good," or "the more you pay, the better the quality, "yes you have to be careful; however, times have changed and so have we.

So where does this inexpensive merchandise originate? For that we have to go back to the early 1960s and meet up with a guy by the name of Dave Gold (an excellent name for an online retailer is it not) Dave who lived in Los Angeles was lucky enough to inherit a small, back street liquor store.

Looking out through the front window of his store one hot and sweltering day Dave was searching for ideas, business had not been good since opening, so he was a tad bit overstocked.

Suddenly, like all good ideas, he had a brainwave, out at the back of his store he had a mountain of bottles, containing beer, whisky, and in fact everything you could imagine.

Working through the night with just a heavy  black felt pen he labelled every single bottle today's special, 99 cents, one day only. He sold out in less than a day and there you have it the world had its first 99 percent discount online shopping retail store. A store, the forward-thinking Dave would call the 99 Cents Only Store a store which I still think is trading today, however, I may be wrong with that assumption so if any of you dear readers knows any different I would love to hear from you.

Authors note: Dave and his wife, Sherry celebrated the grand opening of their store one Friday and amazingly offered televisions to the first thirteen families attending the grand opening for the fantastic price of 99 Cents, attracting more than 300 people to turn up in the early hours of that Friday which would later become known as "Lucky Friday". For years after other stores tried to copy the concept by also offering 99-cent deals for televisions.

Before we go any further, let's have a quick look at what you could buy for that hard-earned 99 Cents back in 1950 (the year I was born by the way): Coffee 1lb 79 Cents, average movie ticket 49 cents and that included air conditioning, want to go for a ride on the New York City subway cost just a dime in 1950, what about catching a baseball game at the Chicago's Comiskey Park, well if you are willing to sit in the bleachers just have a buck handy.

Yep, it would seem that 99 Cents would buy you lots back in the 1950s, however, remember we did not have the internet in those days so where would we have gone to find those extraordinary deals on offer at the 99 Percent Discount Online Shopping plaza? Yes, I thank Dave Gold for coming up with the idea for his 99 Cents Only Store even if it was a traditional brick and mortar retail unit, and who would have imagined that now, in 2020, we would have online retail shopping stores capable of selling us everything from the kitchen sink to a cowboy hat of your choice.

Yes I for one am glad of the progress, and also I might say, mighty pleased that I can now shop for bargains at my favorite online retail provider without even venturing out, especially on a cold, windswept night in the middle of December.

Well friends, we have completed our short walk through the streets of the 99 Percent Discount Online Shopping retail outlet it has been a pleasure, and I thank you for taking the time to read it.

Once again we thank you for reading and on behalf of the Vandergraph family, and every employee at we "Thank you for shopping with us!"



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