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Online Shopping Trends

It may seem hard to believe that online shopping, something which we now tend to take for granted, simply did not exist. Just 25 short years ago, in 1994, due to the advent of more secure interactive web pages, the first product a “Sting” album with the name of “Ten Summoner’s Tales” was sold online. Other products like wine and chocolates would soon follow, thus becoming the pioneering products which would fuel what would become an explosive market. In-time, becoming America’s favorite way to shop, spawning many different online shopping malls like Amazon, BargainBrute and Shopify to change the way American’s, and in-fact the world shopped, forever.

It would take sometime before online shopping became the juggernaut it is today, and it wasn’t until analysts realized that there were significant differences between traditional brick and mortar shopping mall shoppers and online shoppers. So substantial were these differences, that it soon became apparent that a different type of marketing should be used if online shopping was to have any way to succeed.

So what are the differences between an online shopper and a traditional brick and mortar shopper?

Unlike offline shoppers who were generally motivated to shop because of time saving and recreational purposes, they found that online shoppers fell into the following categories: "Convenience shoppers, variety seekers, balanced buyers, and store-oriented shoppers,” so armed with this knowledge they then began to market accordingly, which over time led to the mega online shopping malls we know of today.

Trending changes which will redefine the Online Shopping Experience in 2019 and beyond.

Even though online shopping has evolved into what it is today, and indeed 2018 was extremely profitable for most retailers alike, major shopping trends tend to change every year, so it is essential that online shopping companies meet these changing trends head-on, or risk falling out of contention with their competitors.

One of the challenges online companies will face in 2019 and beyond is the continuing dramatic changes to both their client's demographic settings and attitudes as to their consumer preferences. No longer will it be enough for a company to resell the stock they have, over and over again, those days have past and hopefully will never return. Why has this happened? Mainly because of new emerging technologies which allow consumers to pick and choose which companies they deal with when shopping for their favorite product.

The way an online company advertizes a product will change in the up and coming years as more and more people, mainly because of the influences of social networks, shop with their emotions while at the same time taking little heed as to the actual cost of a particular item. Yes it is always good to snap up that fantastic shopping deal, and you will still find them at reputable companies, but the consumer of today has realized that the corporate responsibility of any company is to their advantage and not as it used to be to the less responsible online companies who used to be out there. Bottom-line do not deal with any company who shows even a glimmer of negative corporate responsibility.

In 2019 and beyond, social media along with entertainment, fashion and global news is expected to drive what products an online shopper will be looking for. So it comes as no surprise that some companies employ analysts just to sit and watch what is happening in the world around them, then after collating all this information, organize their shopping deal of the day promotions to reflect their analysts recommendations. Sounds easy, but if they get this wrong then clients will leave by the dozen.

In short, a company must ensure that any brand they may be marketing reflects the “consumers changing values.” Which may not have been the companies original intent when first marketing the company.

Today online shoppers who were in the past willing to wait for delivery, sometimes for days, are no longer ready to wait. They expect it to be delivered quickly and quickly they mean. After all the whole reason for shopping online in the first place was for convenience, so to have to wait for your product somewhat defeats that objective.

So with the above in mind, the first question a potential client is going to ask is; How long does it take for delivery? If your answer is anything short of 48 hours, then you are in trouble, as in the future you will more than definitely lose an order. Already busy online shopping malls have realized this, and as a result, stepped up to the plate to ensure delivery time is cut. Amazon, for instance, has instigated a program called prime where a client once signed up, (there is a charge for this service) guarantee delivery within two days, thus making this the norm for most online retailers.

Another company  has gone even further by usually delivering orders, on most occasions, same day the order was placed, thus ensuring their online consumers receive their products usually the day after ordering. A fantastic achievement, which is probably the reason why they were voted the best place to shop online in 2019.

This online shopping trend of same-day or day after delivery looks like it will become the industries standard, so both Amazon and BargainBrute should be congratulated. Who knows if both Amazon and BargainBrute continue to research quicker methods to deliver our products, the day of the little drone landing platform will be a common sight in all our front gardens.

Well, folks, I am coming to the end of yet another short online shopping narrative, and I thank my good friends at BargainBrute.Com for commissioning it, and I hope you will agree all these amazing online shopping trends can only be good news for us consumers.

Kind Regards, and I hope to see you on the inside of America’s favorite place to shop online in 2019 BargainBrute.Com soon.

Stay Safe and happy online shopping.

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