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Welcome back to another short informative narrative made possible by our kind hosts BargainBrute.Com, recently voted America's preferred online retail outlet.

Today we are going to do something a tad different, we already know just how many online retail business specializes in designer clothing, but what do we know about the fashion designers behind the products online retailers such as "Amazon," "BargainBrute.Com," and "Etsy" sell, so stay with us as we look at the greats behind the fashions we wear today

Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, Halpern Saint Laurent, and Wales Bonner, are just a few of the designers who without, we would have no "Online Designer Shopping".

First up: Prada: Founded way back in 1913 by Mario Prada a rather arrogant gentleman who did not think that women should have any role in business, however thankfully his daughter had other feelings and took over the company as Mario's son "Martino" had no interest in running the business

Luckily, however, Mario's daughter "Luisa Prada" did and ran the company for twenty years until her daughter "Miuccia Prada," joined the business in 1970, taking over the now thriving business

Prada is now billed as an Italian luxury fashion house but did not debut their womenswear collection until 1988 and since then thanks to the forward-thinking of both her and her husband "Patrizio Bertelli," the company has now become what we see today, a thriving business, operating both online and in traditional brick and mortar retail units, all selling everything from travel accessories, leather handbags, shoes, perfumes, and other luxury accessories

Gucci: Well, if you want proof of a good retailer then you can not go wrong by taking a look at Gucci, another Italian luxury fashion enterprise, founded way back in 1921, that's just under a hundred years ago, and according to some retail analysts they owe this longevity to the fact that over the years, they have been open to new designs and ideas

Their product lines include luxury handbags, shoes, an assortment of accessories, fragrances and home decoration, and as a sign of just how open they are to change they now carry a complete line of ready to wear clothing and attire

Guccio Gucci, the founder of Gussi, was born in Florence Tuscany  and was the son of Tuscan leather craftsman a father who by all accounts was also involved in countless family feuds, which in later life would destroy the Gucci family, however, for the time being, whilst under the direction of "Aldo Gucci," the son of Guccio Gucci it did not take long for the Gucci brand to become a household name, in fact, it became an icon of the "Dolce Vita," meaning, a way of life, easygoing or quite simply enjoying the luxury things in life

As mentioned earlier, the Gucci family were always engaged in family feuds, which all came to a head in the 1980s when the whole Guccio family were ousted from the company in a rivalry which lasted for a full nine years ending in 1993, where the company tried to reinvent themselves.

However this effort was not to be that successful so, in 1999, the company was acquired by the French consortium "Pinault Printemps Redoute," becoming in 2010 the iconic "Geek-Chic" brand

Balenciaga: Founded back in 1971 by basque designer "Cristóbal Balenciaga," described once by "Christian Dior ," himself a fashion designer and the founder of his own fashion house "Christian Dior," as "the master of us all," and also by others as a fashion designer with uncompromising standards was by all accounts a pretty aloft character who knew what he wanted and went about getting it any way he could, of course, he did, however, stay within the law

Although trading was brisk and extraordinarily successful and his modernistic silhouette bubble skirts became a worldwide iconic trademark, "Balenciaga" ceased to trade in 1972 not reopening until 1986 by the French holding company "Kering".

Wales Bonner: Founded in 2014 in London, the United Kingdom by a lady named "Grace Wales Bonner," the original retail unit specialized in menswear fashion. However, it is not the retail side which is interesting about this retailer, it is the creator herself "Grace Wales Bonner," although a brilliant fashion designer in her own self it is her background which is so interesting

Throughout her life, she attempted to design clothes which tried to address the inequalities of peoples identity, sexuality, politics and race projects which she was awarded for many times accumulating with becoming number 41 on the "Dazed 100" list in 2017

Born in London into a mixed-race family her Mother was white, and her father came from Jamaica on the Ship the "Windrush," which many Jamaicans did in the early 1950s, her childhood was not a happy one

However, she did in later life, go on to have much success as a very outspoken but generous person, receiving throughout her life many loving compliments, the  American, British Journalist and an ex-editor of "Vogue," "Dame Anna Wintour," named her as one of the newest top fashion designers in the industry, an accolade which I am sure she holds in great esteem  

As  you can see behind the scenes, online retailers rely on so many different businesses, designers, writers, and of course without luxury fashion designers we would not have any of these beautiful online shopping retail outlets to seel us punters the clothes in the first place, and I have to say, some of the strange and sometimes sinister happenings going on in some of the fashion houses of the past are worth writing about separately, who knows, sometime down the road I might just do that myself

OK, guys, that is the end of this short BargainBrute short narrative, and I thank you all for reading

So on behalf of everyone at BargainBrute.Com and myself, I thank you all and hope to see you once again soon for another short BargainBrute informative narrative

Kind Regards and please stay safe



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