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office chair fatigue a modern-day hazard

 Office Chair Fatigue a Modern-day Hazard

Good day to you all, from America's best online discount shopping site and favorite place to shop online BargainBrute.Com, who, only recently, was chosen by Americans as the top online retail outlet within the borders of the good old USA.

Today the hazards of the simple but most used piece of furniture in your office, the humble office chair and its masters the computer and laptop, without which we would not have commerce to run. We will also be thanking our company's backbone, the employees, and their families we rely on so heavily.

Authors Disclaimer: Dear readers, our hosts its affiliates, contractors, and friends would like you to know that this short narrative is for information purposes only, and as such, does not recommend any reader to stop any medications or treatments without first speaking to a health professional or your family doctor. 

Stress and fatigue in the office or at home these days, perhaps because of the Coronavirus pandemic can and does kill, so maybe it is apt that this short narrative is our subject for today, both at the home office or a traditional office we travel back and forward to every day.

Yes, it would seem that most good office managers or owners do ensure that the office equipment they buy is of the highest standards. Standards which our employees, the people we rely on so heavily to keep our businesses running in the first place, are kept comfortable and free from injury.

In this narrative, we will be paying particular attention to the humble office chair. You could say, the backbone of our business.

Whenever I think back to my school days way back in the 1950s, I can still see that old wooden desk vividly along with its partner, the old straight-backed chair, the desk, by the way, even had an inkwell drilled into it, just big enough to hold a tiny drop of black ink and a nibbed pen; basically, a stick with a nib stuck on the end; happily, those days are over, and the modern-day office chairs are nothing short of miraculous.

Authors note: At the end of term, we had to bring in our wax polish and spend nearly a whole day polishing them up, so they gleamed. Anyway, I digress, so let's get on with our story.

First up setting up your office is perhaps the most important thing you can do. While doing this, make sure you leave ample space so that you can take regular breaks from your computer or laptop. In essence, wander around the office, say hello to your colleagues. You never know your future partner may be sitting right next door to you. You never knew he or she was in the same office.

I would recommend that sitting in front of a computer screen for longer than 30 minutes is too long, so as I mentioned above, take regular breaks, and remember, fatigue can kill.

Go outside with your water bottle and take in the sun and fresh air. Walking at a brisk pace, believe it or not, will not only improve your physical health it will also improve your blood circulation, making you more alert and intentive ready to hit those files you have meant to finish for the past three months. Your boss will love the new you.

The modern-day office chair is packed with innovations, which just were not there a few years ago, so when you pick your chair, choose wisely. The armrests, for instance, should be adjustable for you to both support your weight and align your arms with the terminal you are using; Rule of thumb, when adjusting the arms of the chair, try and adapt it so that when your arms are at rest, your elbows should be as close to your waistline as possible.

Believe it or not, even the part you sit on, the seat should be a tad wider than your body. Some experts tell us that one inch wider than both your hips and thighs on either side should be enough; Oh, and also make sure the actual seat part of the chair is at a slight angle (slightly pointing down). This will allow you to position your feet more comfortably, stopping sudden cramps.

The base, often overlooked but once again an essential part of your chair, adjust the level by altering the corkscrews on older models, or a little handle on more modern chairs, usually found to the left of the seat at the side. When you make your base adjustments, do it while sitting on the chair, moving the little leaver until your feet are flat on the floor. I should also mention that most modern seats also come with an adjustable mesh backrest also controlled by a small handle. Once again, adjust this while sitting on the chair.

Now that you have set up your chair, it would be nice to sit back and admire your handy work. However, now would not be the time as the chair, no matter how important it is to you, is only one part of your office set up.

Little things like what angle to place your keyboard in conjunction with your screen is perhaps one of the essential things to consider, luckily, however, all you have to do is to remember not to place the keyboard at an angle to the monitor, always put it directly to the front of you, now in line with the monitor.

When typing, always sit close to your terminal and type while resting your arms on the armrests. This will help reduce harm to your wrists and hands.

Finally, position your monitor approximately 18 inches away from your face. This will help reduce glare from the screen, which can cause damage to your eyes.

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