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coronavirus and working from home

Coronavirus and working from home

Today because of the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are working from home, mainly because of the requirement brought on by social distancing regulations ushered in to protect people against the Coronavirus.

Whereas pre-pandemic numbers estimate that only 7% of American workers (roughly 10 million out of a total workforce of 150 million) either worked from home or were given the option to work from home by their employer. Today, however, that figure has risen to a mind-boggling 45%, with most stating that they would prefer to work from home even when the COVID-19 Pandemic runs its course and comes to an end.

Of course, the idea and the benefits of working from home are not new. For years now, both employers and employees have been touting its benefits. With modern-day communication networks setting up a home office is relatively simple, so simple that most people can be set up in 24 hours.

Yes, indeed, all is required is a reliable phone line, a decent desktop computer connected to the internet via fiber optics, along with essential office equipment like a copier, scanner, and printer.

Are there any drawbacks to working from home? Not really. However, some people have said that the motivation to start work when working from home can be difficult.

For that reason, some have gone to extreme levels to achieve this. One point in case is that of a friend of mine who, after spending a lifetime working in London's financial district, decided to work from home.

So hard was it for him to start work in the mornings that he showered, got dressed in his business suit, picked up his briefcase, walked to his car, drove the car around the block, then entered his small office at the rear of the house before eventually sitting down at his desk to work.

Of course, I would not expect all to do this. Still, motivation while working from home is vital. You have to rid yourself of all potential distractions which could impede your workflow.

With the above in mind, all family members must be informed that once in the confines of your office, you are there to work, no exceptions, unless, of course, there is an emergency.

Myself, I am an advocate of working from home. I do not miss the jury of driving back and thro to work, especially on hot days when just driving three miles to get out of the city center could take an hour, I also do not miss the cost of gas, or for that matter, the extra spent on car maintenance.

Yes, for me working from home-works.

However, it does have its drawbacks. Yes, sometimes I do feel isolated. Yes, I miss the companionship of my coworkers, and yes, I even miss the thrill of the ride for some reason.

Further to the above, I also miss the occasions when on a beautiful summer's night meeting up with coworkers in the local pub for a quick pint. So as you can see working from home has both its benefits and its disadvantages, however, on the whole, I feel grateful that I now have the chance to work from home.

Now that we have read the above let's look at how we can improve our work at home experience even more.

When starting to work from home, many of us fail to implement some form of work schedule. Yes, it is always tempting when it is nice outside to rush through all your work, then go out and spend the rest of the afternoon sitting around the garden.

This is a definite no-no, a complete and itemized work schedule, including break and lunchtimes, is essential. This not only helps you; it also helps your bosses as they know when the best time is to contact you.

Unless your job requires 24-hour attendance (emergency services, etc.), you should not operate during out-of-office hours. Do not become one of those workers who think that if they send an email out at midnight that it will impress both the bosses or coworkers, as it will not. The same goes for sending out a pile of emails and notifications at 5 pm on a Friday, as they will be correctly ignored.

Never forget, just because you are working from home, it does not mean you have to do all your company's work on your own. You are still part of a team, so you can always share your work with others.

We, of course, should also not forget that while working from home, others too maybe living there like your partner and children. Furthermore, the chances are that your partner may also be working from home, so most importantly, do not forget to share the family responsibilities.

Remember, if working from home is to succeed, sharing household responsibilities is perhaps essential for the whole work from home experience.

Well, folks, that's our little look at the pros and cons of joining the work from home revolution, I hope you have all enjoyed the read, and I thank you all for your time.

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