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how music helped a veteran with ptsd

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Music, especially the playing of music, can have a profound effect on the health and well being of us all. So powerful are the magical rhythms of music, it has even been suggested that it has the power to redirect the soul, assuage our loneliness, and incite our hidden passions, thus resulting in untold creativeness and self-esteem. Whatever your thoughts about music are, one thing that all must agree on is that music is the only language understood by every living being on earth.

I was so pleased to be invited by the good people of BargainBrute.Com who have an online Musical Essentials outlet situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Colorado to write this short narrative. I am a veteran, who like many others, have fought and still am experiencing the devastating wounds of Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder, better known as PTSD. Thanks to some dedicated doctors, I both listened and played music while in recovery and can testify as to its benefits.

Although I first picked up a guitar when I was about seven years of age, it was not until leaving the military that I was persuaded by both doctors and family to play once again. It was a decision that I fully recognize saved my life.

Anyway, that is enough about me lets take a look at this great store BargainBrute.Com has set up in beautiful Colorado, Musical Essentials. Well, it really does look like they have everything a budding musical artist could ever want, and I include pianos, Karaoke systems you name it they have it, all in stock awaiting your order then shipped to you completely free of charge, direct to your door next day. You could not find any better bargains at so high a quality anywhere on the worldwide internet. Their friendly online team in Fort Collins are always in attendance just waiting for your call.

Did you know by using just eight simple chords on a guitar, you could if you wish, become a star of the future, using YouTube, for example, to promote your music? Sound far fetched, well it isn’t, and many people have succeeded using this trusted well-tried formula. What are these magical chords used by artists like Clapton, the Stones, the Beatles the list goes on? Eight straightforward chords all used in the first position of the neck of the guitar (first four frets) E, E6, E7, A, A7, B, and last but not least B7 and B6. These chords are what we call the traditional twelve-bar blues progression and can be learnt in a day.

Ready to give it a go, then pop right over to Musical Essentials buy your guitar, music sheets, and maybe music stand and amplifier and bobs your uncle you are ready to take the internet by storm. Remember you will not find better internet deals at bargain prices anywhere else on the internet and to top it all delivered free of charge right to your door. Give the friendly people of  Musical Essentials a call now, you will not regret it.

Music and the mind

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize just how much music affects the brain of a person. Alfred Hitchcock, the well known American film director, new how to use music to up the suspense in most of his thrillers. Just listen to a Hitchcock with the music on full blast and you are frightened out of your pants. Then watch the same clip with the music turned off and you will find that there was really nothing to be afraid about. This little experiment proves what we alluded to early on in this short article, music can and definitely does alter our sense of wellbeing and has been used to change people's state of mind many times and by many governments.

In the United Kingdom some time back they did try an experiment outside a grocery shop which had a problem of groups of youngsters harassing its clients. The idea was simplicity in itself, all they did was play music which they thought the youngsters would not like very softly, in fact hardly audible outside the shop. After a couple of days of doing this, the youngsters all left to congregate elsewhere, yet another way music has been used to alter the conciseness of a person.

How did I first learn to play the guitar

I was very fortunate and apparently in good company when in the mid-1950s I picked up a book in the local music shop titled “Play in a Day.” written and published by a gentleman called “Bert Weedon”. Other students of Mr Weedon include Eric Clapton, Brian May, Paul Mc Cartney, and John Lennon just to name a few, in actuality, the list just goes on and on. His “Play in a Day” book went on to sell over one million copies and is still selling today.

To get started you will obviously require a guitar which you can quickly get from the online Musical Essentials outlet, at an unbelievable price, and I might add of a quality you will not get from any other online musical outlet, buy it today and start playing it in the comfort of your own home the day after. While you are at it why not purchase that all essential set of spare guitar strings, as I can remember breaking many when I first started. It also may be wise to buy a music stand, this will avoid placing music sheets on a table propped up with books. Once again this is available from the friendly team at Musical Essentials

Right, you have received all your equipment from your favorite online musical supplier, and you are ready to start. Try and set aside just one hour a day in a quiet area where you can study in peace, and remember it is meant to be fun, do not and I can not emphasize this enough, play until you are exhausted and the tips of your fingers feel that they have been through a cheese grater. If you do not heed this warning, you will not succeed, and the guitar and the rest of your equipment will just be thrown into a closet where it will remain never to be seen again. It is estimated that most guitar students will fail within the first week just because they became frustrated.

You will, I promise you, feel that wonderful feeling of both warmth and immense self-satisfaction when you realize that you have played your first song or tune from beginning to end without one mistake and remember it really does not matter if it is not perfect as this will become your very own style.

Once again, I am so pleased you have spent the time to read this, and both I and the wonderfully supportive team at the online Musical Essentials outlet wish you many happy hours playing for both yourself and your friends. Look forward to seeing you at the online Musical Essentials outlet situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in beautiful Colorado.

Have Fun and Thanks for Reading

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