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5 newborn care tips for new moms from shopping great baby stores

Moms had to bear with a lot during the long course of 9 months to bring a new life into the world.  This whole experience is an uncharted territory for a new mother.  Not only is the whole experience exciting, tiring, and strange at the same time, but also comes with a fair share of responsibilities.  Babies aren’t the only ones finding their way through a whole new world; new moms can find post life baby care equally challenging as well.  New moms, it’s okay to have absolutely no clue about how to handle your new role.  The first few months after labor can be confusing and has its ups and downs naturally.  However, here are a few tips to help you ace motherhood like a pro.

  1. Clean hands are a must for handling: First things first, for many moms, their own newborn have been the only little ones they have had to handle.  It is important for you to know that your infant’s immune system isn’t as strong as yours, and you must always carry them with clean washed hands.  In fact, try to make sure everyone handling your baby has washed their hands prior. 
  2. Support the head & neck: Babies have soft bones and it is necessary for you to cradle the baby’s neck and head in a proper way, and provide necessary support.  The newborn’s neck isn’t stable enough to handle the weight of the head entirely, so always support the head especially when laying the baby down.  You must also refrain from abruptly shaking the baby, whether you’re playing or waking them up because the incomplete musculoskeletal system formation can cause internal bleeding.  Tickle the baby awake instead of shaking them.
  3. Don’t mistake crying for baby colic: One of the most popular beliefs amongst mothers is that newborns constant crying occurs because of colic.  It was once believed that colic was the leading cause of babies crying, but now we know that acid reflux is another culprit.  Your baby might simply be experiencing gastrointestinal acid reflux difficulties which are easily treatable.  So don’t panic every time your babe cries unstoppably.
  4. You don’t need baby wipes for your newborn: Breastfed baby feces are less acidic and contain less bacteria.  Additionally, their feces and urine is dilute and non-corrosive which means it can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth diaper without any repercussions.  This is also an inexpensive alternative.  A soft wash cloth and soap will do the trick just as well!
  5. Get highly absorbent diapers: New moms, you can never be too careful when it comes to unexpected night time leakage.  If your baby sleeps long and heavy, you don’t want to risk having the baby leak out of their night time PJs and soak the bed.  Get good quality diapers, preferably those with a double duty maxi pad in it.  This will prevent unexpected sleep disturbances for you; you’ve had your fair share of those already.  You can have your baby and yourself sleep peacefully with this simple preventative approach from shopping any of our baby stores.





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