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health and beauty tips for men to get the perfect shave

Shaving is a part of the daily morning health and beauty routine for millions of men all over the world. Most men need to shave to look presentable and feel at the top of their game. You probably remember watching your dad shave in the mirror every morning as a kid. Now that you’ve developed facial hair of your own, you realize it is not as simple as it looked when you were a child.

Men shaving for years have learned some basic dos and don’ts through trial and error. If you don’t have all the years of experience under your belt, you need not worry because this blog will help you with some useful shaving tips that will deal with those irritating ingrown hairs, razor burns and nicks.

You don’t necessarily have to go to the barber every time you need a top of the line shave. You can do it on your own with some tips that have lingered on down the generations, men after men for a better shave.

1. Prepare your skin

You might be running late for work but you should never forget to moisten your face unless you like dragging your razorblade across your dry and oily skin. Shaving after a hot shower is always a good idea because the steam will open up your skin pores and soften the hair and remove dead skin cells for a much smoother shave, preventing any cuts caused by shaving on rough skin.

2. Get some good quality shaving cream

Everybody applies shaving cream during the shaving regime but not many know what it’s for. You shouldn’t look for a shaving cream that produces the most foam, because a good shaving cream is rich and creamy. Invest in quality shaving creams to lubricate your face well. Additionally, you only have to apply a small amount if your shaving cream is of prime quality because it would be sufficient to get the job done. You can find the best quality shaving creams here at an affordable price.

3. Use a shaving brush

A shaving brush is one of the most essential tools you could have in your toiletry bag. If you want to enjoy a smooth and clean shave, then you must have a shaving brush to do the job. A shaving brush will make sure all your facial hairs are covered with the shaving cream without leaving any out for that close shave you want to achieve. It also exfoliates your skin which further reduces the risk of blemishes, irritation and razor bumps. Getting a shaving brush will last you for ages to come, ensuring a great shave every time.

4. Do not go against the grain

Shaving against the grain is one of the major don’ts of shaving fundamentals. Shaving against the grain increases the risk of cuts and causes razor bumps that can later develop into inflammations and even infections. To achieve the perfect shave, you must know the direction of hair growth in all areas of your face so you can shave along their length instead of against them. A great way to tell which direction your beard grows is to use a credit card and drag it against the shaven part of your face. If it slides smoothly, it’s moving with the grain. If you feel resistance, you know that’s the direction you don’t want to shave.






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