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shopping to help hurricane victims: send survival supplies

Survival SuppliesAfter the recent devastation left behind by hurricane Harvey and Irma, an online shopping mall, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, is ready to provide survival supplies to fellow Americans in Houston, Texas, and the Florida Keys.

In Florida, thousands are returning only to find their homes destroyed and after Hurricane Irma killed 33 people and 84 others in the Caribbean. Residents returning in the battered Florida Keys have no other place to turn and lack essential survival supplies like blankets

In Texas, the hurricane has overwhelmed the Federal’s government capacity to assist every Texan and city officials are urging citizens everywhere to send their contributions. Both areas ravaged by the devastating hurricanes lack food, water, medical services, and residents have to depend on the well-wishers for grocery list items from the grocery store.


How You Can Help

Although government officials are urging people to send money, it becomes difficult to know if the amount reached the right people. Instead, it could end up paying for administrative costs of aid organizations.

Bargain Brute is stepping up to the plate to help thousands of Americans in need of assistance. But, they cannot afford to do it alone. They need the support of customers who can buy survival supplies and have them sent directly to affected people in the area. There are over 2 million products to choose from the store, and with 54 warehouses in the U.S, rest assured they will get shipped promptly. 

Money is not the solution. The people need food, water, and survival supplies: Items that they will use immediately instead of relying on late aid by non-profits. has contacts with the food banks in the disaster area, and are working closely with first responders including the Red Cross and Salvation Army.  


How to Donate Food

Customers who want to assist the victims of the flood can help fill grocery list needs with nutritious foods and water. To donate food items go the Grocery Store on calle High Country Grocery and place an order. You're encouraged to select dry foods with a longer shelf life and bottled water. Some items that could feed a family for days include rice, flour, jerky, nutrition bars, and protein beverages. You can select more appropriate items that will make the meal kits as nutrition-packed as possible.


How to Donate Survival Supplies

Although the hurricanes are gone, many homes have suffered damage, and some areas are still flooded. Homeowners have not come back due to fuel shortages, and some are still in the shelters. In the Florida Keys, some areas are yet to be open. The best contribution to those damaged homes is survival supplies. You can donate items such as blankets, clothes, tools, and sleeping bags. To buy these items go to the 47 stores on which include a Bed and Blanket store, and a Hardware store for tools.

These essential survival supplies will keep them afloat for the hard months ahead, which will be challenging and depressing. It doesn't matter how much you give, at least show some compassion towards your fellow citizens.  Let the amazing customer service team at know about your order and whether it is for Texas , Florida, or both and they will route your order to those in need.






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