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5 sporting goods store tips for new kayakers

Kayaking is one of those sports that involve the exciting element of nature. It is a great activity to try out if you are adventurous or just want to go out and explore the calm waters. Some thrill seekers really crank up their kayaking experience by going up against the heavy currents of a river and fighting the rapids, making their way down the stream. However, kayaking doesn’t have to be that wild and great equipment can be found at any sporting goods store.

The Inuit people of North America built the first kayaks to go hunting on the inland lands. They would use stitched seal skins or other animal skins over a large frame made from whale’s bone. These vessels would stay afloat due to the buoyancy that the air filled seal bladders that were tucked into sections of the kayak provided. Kayaks today are much more efficient in design and easy to handle.

Whether you’re a vet in the sport or just a beginner, you need a basic understanding of what it takes to kayak in the trickiest situations. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Dress appropriately 

When going out kayaking, you must wear clothes according to the temperature of the water. This is where new kayakers tend to make the common amateur mistake that they most likely regret later. It might be a sunny day outside but the water might be ice cold. If you happen to fall into the water or make contact with it, which is more than likely to happen when kayaking, you should be wearing a wetsuit and kayaking gloves to protect yourself.

Choose your kayak wisely 

There are many kinds of kayaks, all suited for different conditions. One type of kayak may not be the right choice for conditions that it is not made for. If you’re going out kayaking recreationally on a lake, you might want to rent a flat water boat. Additionally, sit-on-top kayaks are very easy to paddle and relatively stable for beginners.

You must wear buoyancy aid 

This cannot be emphasized enough. Although kayaking schoolings do provide wearable buoyancy aid, but if you’re heading out into the lake alone with your kayak, you must get one for yourself at a good sporting goods store.. These buoyancy aids do not restrict your movement so you can paddle freely with your arms and move your neck around as well. It doesn’t matter how good of a swimmer you are, strong rapids can cause trouble for the best of us.

Always bring additional clothes 

This is one of those handy tips no one will tell you, one that you wish you’d have known in an unfortunate yet likely event of falling in the water. Having a change of clothes in your gear doesn’t hurt and can save you a lot of trouble even if you think you might not get wet. You never know.

Sitting the right way 

Stability is the key in the sport of kayaking. You need to keep your balance and you can’t achieve it without sitting properly. You shouldn’t hunch and must always sit upright at an angle of 90 degree. You must rest your feet on the food pegs with your toes pointing outwards and heels in the centre. Also, don’t forget to bend your knees outwards.







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