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shopping for thetop 3 jewelry combinations for every occasion

Sooner or later, every woman experiences the transition from being a teenager who loves wearing fluffy slip-ons and t-shirts to a diva who totally rocks her look.  The diva look may seem easy and doable on the surface, but it is anything but.  Be prepared to spend time and money to master your look!

While every aspect of dressing the part is important, if you really want to develop the picture-perfect look, you must master the art of balancing your jewelry with your clothes.

Any women who walks the walk and talks the talk knows that you don’t have to throw on every expensive thing you have in your wardrobe at the same time.  This never works!  Be creative and selective, and you will end up with the look that is bound to turn heads wherever you go.

Interestingly, there is always a perfect combination of jewelry and clothes there, and you can achieve it by following a few simple steps.

Acing the Work Look

Are you worried about what to wear for your new internship?  You want to come across as professional but not too bookish, classy, but not trashy.

Choosing the right combination of jewelry to go with your work clothes can be tough… but not anymore.  Regardless of you turning up to work in a lined blazer with cropped pants or a sheath dress, your jewelry-game needs to be flawless.

Remember you never want to overdo it.  You don’t want to come across as Lady Gaga on the first day at work.  A minimal look will do you wonders.  Wear jewelry that promises an eye-catching mix of energy with the right amount of sparkle.  Opt for a necklace with a bracelet and a few fun earrings.

Going to a Fancy Party

There are numerous options that you can opt for before setting out for a fancy party.  This is your opportunity to get all glammed up and not look out of place.  Your fancy dress can be complemented with some seriously attractive bling.

Go for a shiny necklace with sparkling silver earrings.  Feeling adventurous?  Go for the tiara and make sure that everyone knows you’re the queen of the party.  Remember, a bracelet can serve as an impediment when you’re partying.  A ring should be your go-to choice.

Date Night

Going on a date is an exciting prospect and deserves to be complemented with the right jewelry.  Here, you have to strike a delicate balance between looking fun and interesting, without coming across as someone who is trying too hard.

Go for a sparkling necklace and make sure to complement it with shiny pearls on your fingers and ears.  Remember, less is more, and your date night is one time in your life that you don’t want to overdo it.

Every occasion calls for specific jewelry choices.  By following the tips mentioned above, you have the option to embrace and stand out in any setting, in every occasion.






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