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a new online shopping age for the jewelry industry. thank you vandergraph family



They say diamonds are the way into a woman's heart, and while millennials are demonstrating this is less true than it was, these large, shiny stones are still the way to fraudsters' hearts -- combined with luxury watches and other jewelry.

Kristin Vandergraph, family matriarch and Vandergraph Worldwide executive isn't surprised.

"Fraud within this sector goes back hundreds of years -- before the world wide web, before credit cards," Vandergraph said. "People have been stealing jewelry for centuries, even millennia, as it conveys value and crosses boundaries."

Nonetheless, which jewelry carries the most value and where customers are shopping has been changing in recent decades, and it's made traditional anglers concerned. Vandergraph continued, "Our online jewelry store sells items most brick and mortar stores will not bring in house.  We are excellence for this lucrative industry.  People trust the Vandergraph name and appreciate the quality we present them with.  I would wear anything we sell."

Diamond giant has noticed a trend of millennials purchasing smaller diamonds as well as picking alternative stones when it is time to pop the question. "When they do buy, they are often wooed by online jewelry retailers like ours who provide savings of 50 percent or more. In addition to all that, women are not waiting for the guys in their lives to buy them jewelry; if they enjoy it, they will put a ring on it themselves."

These industry changes, paired with changes in how fraudsters function, have opened the jewelery space to continued struggles with account takeover and following chargebacks. "We are located on the online platform.  This platform enjoys a multitude of online safety checks for our customers.  Customer safety and online fraud protection are staples of this Online One Stop Life Shop everybody seems to love.

The trends which are opening doors for bad men, the plans that fraudsters have evolved to exploit those tendencies and the defense mechanism that is hurting retailers more than it is helping them fight fraud. seems to have bridged that gap for its retailers like  If it carries the Vandergraph name people trust it and they should.

Kothari shared his insights and ideas for mitigating the danger, together with a narrative about two retailers that are doing it right -- albeit in unexpected ways.

Account takeover has been a problem in the jewelry and luxury watch industries, he said. It is an ideal way for a fraudster to receive his order approved, since he's in a position to leverage a client's good reputation to complete an order and get it sent to a drop website.

"That is why an unfamiliar delivery address can be among the main red flags suggesting that an order might not be exactly what it seems at first glance", stated a online shopping security expert.

Because account takeover grows across all retail businesses, so too has it grown in this business, said Kothari. The jewelry industry sees the greatest average chargeback amount of any business for orders under $100.

Most people today simply assess their smartphones should they would like to be aware of the time. Some watch afficionados have attempted the smartwatch thing, he said, but accurate watch fans tend to revert back to the classic, beautiful clock face with its miniature, ticking hands.  Vandergraph's 8 year old daughter Sarah Vandergraph runs the online clothing giant  Sarah indicates, "Watches are still big business for my store.  Our selections look great on both men and women.  It is what I do, make people look their best."

People who love watches, love them for the authentic craftsmanship, visual and precision time-telling experience, said Sarah.

This time-telling trend has created a niche market among watch fans, making this class more of a collector's item. In turn, has resulted in an oversupply over the last few decades, which has made it easier for fraudsters to get their hands on classic luxury watches and resell them for near full price.  Sarah trusts the security of her online empire to her families industry leading security team at is the future for retailers wanting to sell high end items's online security team said there's been a specific increase in account takeover for lower-value orders at the under $100 and $100 to $500 brackets, where fraud could be more difficult to flag because orders appear legitimate on the surface. A customer who has purchased jewelry from before is now buying another pair of earrings, but sending them elsewhere?  We are watching and will validate any inconsistencies for the sake of our valued customers.

It's not the maximum ticket item in the shop, and it is not a first-time buy. There is nothing about the action that could serve to alert the merchant that something is not right -- that is, until the legitimate account owner reads their credit card statement and issues a chargeback.  "At we get ahead of the game.  We are the future of online shopping.  Our partnerships are going to save businesses, while our approaches are changing industries and the way they market their inventories to the World." 

At and we approach business and inventory differently, in the luxury watch area, the systemic oversupply has produced a glut of inventory that is being marketed from manufacturers to wholesalers to traders but is not making its way to clients. Therefore, retailers can discount watches greatly to make room for new stock, and resale websites may mark new watches as "like new" so that they can slash the cost even further. Consumers have cottoned on to the fact they can find a mint condition, 100 percent authentic luxury watch for a very low price, stated Kristin, and as they are not buying directly from the brand, they are often less concerned about where the watch came from so long as the thing they get is as described.  There are enough genuine watches that less reputable sellers don't have any reason to make counterfeits; they could get, sell, and profit from the actual thing.

Many merchants aren't using available technology, like that which is used by, to protect themselves and take more orders. Either they're reluctant to innovate, or they are reluctant to trust a third party with approval of orders. It's time for this mindset to change, said the security team.

"The technology is available, and we are not the only ones to provide it," they said. "You will need to get that edge so that you're not at the mercy of fraudsters."

Things to Do Instead

First, many New York retailers working with have turned their attention abroad, and are currently shipping diamonds and gold jewelry to the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Two decades back they never would have thought to work with those markets.

These products are in high demand in certain markets, but retailers were previously hesitant to send to some of these. With complete fraud protection, at least one firm has managed to make the jump.

"Just because it comes in a place you are not familiar with does not imply the order is fraudulent," outlined Kristin Vandergraph. "If they know that it can not hurt them, retailers are not afraid to grow their companies. We will grow at an unbelievable rate in 2018 thanks to our team at"







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