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shopping to help hurricane victims


The recent two natural catastrophes, namely Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, have displaced hundreds of thousands of people in Texas and Florida keys. Hurricane Harvey brought with it a huge storm that produced more than 2 feet of rain that infiltrated homes and contaminated water reserves. Flood currents and the powerful winds were strong enough to rip power lines from the ground. Brock Long from FEMA estimates that more than 30,000 people currently need shelter. Organizations and volunteers are doing all they can to make their contribution in these unfortunate times.

If you don’t live in Texas or Florida, you can still help the victims of the hurricane by sending the most essential supplies that they are in need of right now. Here are the top 4 most needed supplies:

1.     Medicines

Patients and individuals on medication are one of the most vulnerable victims to the aftermath of the storm. Especially For people suffering from debilitating diseases, medicines are the ultimate safety net. For example, those with Diabetes need to have access to insulin or those with blood pressure problems need their blood pressure medication. Sending medicines might just save someone’s life. is ready to help.

2.     Blood

During the panic and havoc, critical medical help becomes hard to get with overcrowded hospitals and blocked roads. Supplies tend to run short and people involved in accidents during the storm who are in need of blood find themselves in an uncertain situation. Do not forget that your blood donations in the aftermath of Harvey can save many lives.  AABB is an organization dedicated to collecting blood donations

3.     Food

It is better to donate food than money. Those in the affected area might be unable to go out and buy things they need from supermarkets with waist high water levels on the streets and blocked roads. Free them of this ordeal by donating food directly. You can send them core grocery list items from our online grocery store, such as canned food and dry grain, so you know your donated food won’t go bad on the way, thanks to their extended shelf life.

4.     Diapers

Many families had to evacuate in urgency to save their lives. Many left everything behind and now require basic household necessities like diapers for their newborn. Babies of the families who fell victim to the flood often have to use the same diapers longer than comfortable due to the shortage of basic items from baby stores. Besides babies, seniors, as well as physically challenged individuals of Houston and Florida Keys would be extremely grateful of diapers from

To make sure these supplies safely reach the hands of those in need, just place an order for what you want to send the victims in Florida and Texas and let the customer service team at BargainBrute know “Florida Relief” or “Texas Relief”. Rest assured, will handle the rest from there and deliver whatever you send to shelters.






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