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how to make sure your insurance is hurricane ready

The calamity brought on by Hurricane Irma has battered the coast of Florida in disbelief and crisis. In Monroe County 9 lives lost already. so far. Because of Hurricane Irma and Harvey, 1.7 million children couldn’t go to school and that in itself is a diecast since the hurricanes became an imminent danger. However, with the hurricane season in full swing, insurance brokerages are now in business big time. Homeowners are often not entirely aware of what their hurricane insurance may cover alongside other common mistakes that can cause their insurance claims to be denied. You need to be aware of these common claims. Let’s go through some of them.

· Insurance coverage might just not cut it

You wouldn’t want to realize it too late that your policy coverage isn’t sufficient to protect you against necessary expenses. After the hurricane has passed is arguably the worst time to make these adjustments and you need to be prepared before that. You ought to make sure that you have enough insurance to cover your personal possessions, the structure of your home, your liability to others and any additional living expenses from you having to live elsewhere while your damaged house undergoes repairs.

It is paramount for you to calculate the accurate amount needed for your home. So, instead of assuming this cost, take inventory of all your possessions to get a good estimate of their value. Don’t leave anything out!

· Insurance coverage covers certain items

Another common mistake homeowners tend to make after the storm is assuming that their homeowner’s insurance covers everything within the bounds of your property. If you happen to be in a similar bubble, it’s time to pop it because there are many items in your home that may not be covered after the storm damage.

Most common items not covered by insurance policies that are damaged by the storm include pools, pool enclosures, seawalls, screened sunrooms, porches, docks, boat lifts, awnings, car ports and fences. So, if you happen to have any of these items, verify whether your insurance policy covers it or not.

· Standard procedure for filing the claim isn’t followed

During the storm season, insurance companies are swamped with paperwork and claims. Incomplete information or missing forms can be denied without much thought, which is why it’s imperative you make sure that all the required forms and documentation are completed and submitted. Following the proper procedure and making the process as simple as possible for your adjuster will be met with quick response and possibly a good result from your claim.

· You may not be aware of storm deductibles

Did you know that homeowner’s policies in 19 states have some version of storm deductibles? The percentage of deductible from damage caused by the storm is based on the insured value. Make sure you check your insurance policy’s “declarations” page to read the details concerning such exclusions. Don’t hesitate to call your insurance agent for clarification. At the end of the day, you need to have a better understanding of your homeowner’s insurance to avoid denied claims, delay and unpleasant surprises.


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