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grocery shopping for hurricane irma victims

The trail of devastation left behind Hurricane Harvey hadn’t subsided and another massive Hurricane, Irma has followed right behind leaving Floridians storm shocked and disoriented. Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful hurricanes the Atlantic has ever experienced and the hurricane has made its way towards the Florida Keys, destroying homes along the coast and inward. Most of the Florida state residents are hanging on by a thread with no power and streets submerged under water. This category-5 storm had already taken 40 lives in the Caribbean, and another 10 in Cuba before it took towards Florida.

FEMA has devised a set of safety guidelines for hurricanes to minimize risks and dangers and increase your chances of coming out from the hurricane all safe and sound.

Let’s go through some things you should do during when the hurricane is in full swing somewhere in your area or nearby.

  • Make sure you stay informed and updated about the storm through the radio, television or the internet. If the power is down, a battery powered radio is your best bet.
  • You must secure your home from the storm as much as possible which means close those storm shutters, bring your outdoor objects such as lawn furniture and trash barrels indoors. You want to minimize the amount of debris near your house to prevent it from being picked up by the strong winds and hurled at your house.
  • If you’re instructed by the authorities to turn off all utilities, then do that. If not, just turn the refrigerator thermostat to the coldest settings and keep its door closed.
  • Make sure you turn off the propane tank.
  • Try not to use the phone unless it’s an absolute emergency.
  • Make sure you have some cash on hand because in case the power is out, you don’t want to rely on ATM machines for money.
  • Collect an adequate supply of water for sanitation such as cleaning and flushing. So, fill up that bathtub and other large containers that you can get your hands on.


Here are the conditions under which your evacuation from your premise becomes crucial:

  • If your local authorities tell you to.
  • If you live in a mobile home such as an RV or other temporary structures.
  • If you live in a high-rise building because higher floors are more vulnerable to hurricane winds.
  • If you live on the coast, near a river or on a floodplain.

In case you are unable to evacuate your house which a lot of Floridians are, it’s best to go to your house’s built in safe room. If you don’t have one, here’s what you can do:

  • Stay inside your house and make sure you stay away from glass doors and windows.
  • Ensure all interior doors are closed shut and brace the external doors.
  • Keep the blinds and curtains closed. Don’t assume the coast is clear if the winds cease, you might be in the eye of the storm and the winds might pick up again.
  • Lie on the floor under a table or another stable object.


You can send essential supplies like this 4 person survival kit and even grocery shopping for those still not in their homes in Florida by sending them to any American Red Cross shelters from where your goods will reach the victims. Every item you send would mean a lot to those in need in these trying times.






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