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grocery shopping for hurricane harvey victims

Hurricane Harvey has rendered tens of thousands of Houston residents helpless. This tropical storm has been the worst that the city of Houston has experienced in the last 50 years and has caused havoc and chaos in the form of flooding and tropical storms.

According to the National Hurricane Center’s forecast, there’s about 6 to 12 inches of additional rainfall to be expected from north and east Houston to southwestern Louisiana into western Tennessee and Kentucky. Even though the heavy rainfall has come to a halt in Galveston area, Houston, we are not out of the woods yet because but the flooding still remains a life threatening concern.

There are curfews being imposed by the Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner due to public safety concerns. The rising flood water is an alarming aftermath left behind from the devastating trail of hurricane Harvey. In fact, water continues to rise to dangerous levels east of Houston, filling up the city’s main shelter. People in Houston and other affected areas are sitting ducks, with nowhere to escape to. The streets are filled with water and many houses are waterlogged too. The authorities are receiving countless rescue calls, but they’re unable to help out since the boats can't be taken out in the rising water.

Rescue measures and help

Medical centers and hospitals were left with no option but to seal the lower levels to protect the patients and equipment from the rushing water. Ben Taub Hospital in Houston along with St. Luke’s Hospital had to evacuate patients. Residents of Houston are looking to evacuate the city to somewhere safer, but the flooding water is proving to be a difficult challenge.

The Houston police department has successfully rescued over 3,500 people from flooded vicinities, cars and buildings, but there’s only so much the authorities can do. The County Judge Ed Emmet even asked people with boats to help in rescuing residents trapped in their homes.


They need your help. Here’s how you can help those in need from where you are:

· Survival kits:

The trapped residents in Houston do not have access to the internet and power, which means they can’t use their daily appliances to prepare food as usual. This 4 person survival kit contains enough food and water to sustain a person comfortably for 72 hours. The kit has additional essential items they’re going to need such as water purification tablets, a dynamic flashlight, emergency bright stick, emergency candle, waterproof matches, blankets, and 2 person tube tent, which will be incredibly useful to those trapped in the absence of power and transportation.

· Grocery supplies

The victims of this disastrous storm are suffering from immobility. Not being able to go out of the house means they are cut off from the outside world. The limited stock of food that they do have will not last them as long as it should. Grocery shopping would be another helpful resource that the victims can really use. Essential food items like frozen foods and canned foods are preferred due to their readymade nature.


You can send these supplies to any American Red Crosses that are reaching out to the victims and providing them with what they need, or contact directly and they will help you help others. Every cent will count and your help can potentially save someone’s life.






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