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after storm grocery list from a grocery store you need to keep in mind

With a storm as massive as Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, personal safety becomes a serious concern. For those living in or near the impact zones, it is absolutely crucial to consider all good post storm practices that will maximize their safety as well as of those around them. It is as significant to have a plan for after the hurricane has passed as it is to have a plan for during or before the storm has hit. Your concerns aren’t over when the storm has passed. Being aware of the risks involved will reduce the threat for you, your family and your home.

Here are some important post-storm tips that you need to keep in mind:

  • Stay tuned to news:Whether you can use the radio or television, make sure you stay updated on the local news for important and relevant announcements. You might also get to know step by step instructions for those in your area, announcements about assistance, and other kinds of help such as shelter, food and water.
  • Don’t expect instant entry to your neighborhood:After the storm has passed, there is a lot of remediation to be carried out and pressing damages to be fixed. Emergency rescue teams and power crews, along with others might be engaged in rescue operations, therefore the roads could be blocked and the power lines might also be down.
  • Take your ID with you:You might have to pass through some identification check points in order to get back home. This means you’re going to need your current identification on you. So, keep it safe and have it on you when going back home.
  • Don’t drive your car:You’re going to regret taking your car on to the roads because after the storm, many of the roads will be block and you don’t want to end up with one more problem on your hands.
  • Steer clear of metal fences:Do not forget that the power lines are down and you need to stay away from all things metal. Whether it’s a fence or a street sign, don’t go near it and report them to the local authorities immediately.
  • Be cautious turning the power back on in your home:If power comes back on in your home, do not make the mistake of turning all the major appliances on at once. Instead, turn them on one by one and gradually to minimize damage to sensitive equipment. If your house is flooded, you’re better off calling the professionals for inspection first before taking the next step.
  • Do not use charcoal or generators indoor:If there is no power, do not make the rash decision of burning charcoal or using the generator indoors because they both give off carbon monoxide which is an odorless, tasteless and invisible gas that is extremely poisonous. Whether you think you have adequate ventilation or not, do not put yourself at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Assume tap water is unsafe for drinking:Flood damage can work its way into the tap water supply and contaminate it, which is why you need to make sure that you only drink boiled or bottled water.


You can help the hurricane victims from where you are by ordering essential supplies such as these survival kits and a grocery list of grocery supplies from our online grocery store and sending them to these American Red Cross shelters. From there, your items will reach victims in need or contact and we will help you help people.






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