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a grocery list to prepare for a hurricane

The calamity from Hurricane Harvey took the people of Texas by surprise. With hundreds of thousands of people adversely affected, losing their belongings and even homes, this unfortunate event has highlighted the importance of being prepared when a hurricane is headed your way. Hurricane Irma is a Category 5 hurricane that has already caused the death toll to rise to 30 across 3 states and continues to hurl across Florida.

Those living in or nearby at high risk areas, here’s what you can do to prepare for the hurricane before it strikes.

· Have an evacuation plan

Evacuation planning needs to be in place to be executed readily because hurricanes bring storm surges which is basically the abnormal rise and accumulation of water from the strong storm winds which can cover hundreds of miles of coast lines with water level rising as high as 20 feet or more. Your local government will provide you with information concerning all the evacuation areas along with their evacuation plans so if you live in an evacuation area, you must evacuate your home in the event of the hurricane. It’s always a good idea to test out the evacuation route in clear weather to become aware of it rather than figuring out when the storm hits.

· Stocking supplies

Don’t wait any longer to buy the essential supplies that you need and stock them. You can’t count on the supermarkets nearby to stay open and well stocked. You may find supplies in the list of evacutation centers from Miami-Dade County’s emergency management, but when evacuation centers get overwhelmed with people, it doesn’t take long for supplies to run short. So make sure you get what you need especially the grocery list and some must-have survival kits.

Those who want to help those in desperate need can place an order on these supplies with the label “Florida Relief” or “Texan Relief” and BargainBrute will make sure, your sent items reach those in need.

· Insurance coverage

Home owners should make sure that their homes are insured against flooding. Even if you don’t live anywhere near the coastline, do not be fooled because landlocked areas aren’t invincible to flooding problems, so you better get insurance for your home and car. This is because in the event of a flood or hurricane, you wouldn’t be able to take your home or car elsewhere, leaving them both to the mercy of the storm.

· Securing important documents

Make sure you make copies of the most important documents in your possession to prevent losing them. This includes proof of ownership documents for your property and vehicle(s). You can keep the copies in a safe location protected from the damage of the hurricane. Keeping them all in your survival kit will do the job too.

· Inspect your home for vulnerabilities

Thoroughly inspect your home for weaknesses that could be aggravated by the hurricane. Look for vulnerabilities in the overall structure like loose shingles and damaged roof. If you have any lawn furniture, bring it indoor because they’re a hazard in hurricane conditions. You don’t want the hurricane winds or flood to hurl them at your house. Get plywood for reinforcement on the windows and doors to protect them from breaking open.







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