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the hurricanes i thought i knew

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For most of us, when we hear the name Hurricane we envision a gigantic mass of swirling rain, dark foreboding clouds, with flashes of lightning and the mighty sound of thunder, all swirling around’ while travelling the planet, gobbling up everything in its path.

Of course, this is what hurricanes mainly do, but how they are formed and where they come from before unleashing their forces onto an unsuspecting country is much stranger than you may think, and it even defies most works of fiction.

For instance: Did you know that the average hurricane or tropical cyclone (they are both the same) releases 70 times the world's total energy consumption during a single existence. They also generate 200 times more electrical power than our own planetary generating capacity, and most surprising is that every 20 minutes of its life, releases the equivalent energy of exploding a 10-megaton nuclear bomb.

Its no wonder we look upon these manifestations with both fear, and eyes of wonderment.

A Hurricane can, believe it or not, relieve drought conditions in many parts of the world. They also modulate the temperature of our Earth by carrying heat away from the tropics and depositing it at more temperate latitudes, thus modulating both global and regional temperatures, but of course, most of us for good reason see them as one of the Earth’s most terrible and destructive forces.

So how does a hurricane form?

The high destructive winds of a hurricane are caused by Newton's Law of Conservation of angular momentum, and yes, I to groaned when I read that in my research for this short narrative, did not have a clue what it meant, but do not worry, help is on the way. Just look at one of those magnificent skaters twirling on the same spot on the ice rink, at first, she or he has both arms outstretched and so spins at a relatively slow speed, then the magic happens.


As the skater brings his or her arms closer to the body, the spin gets faster and faster until they spin like a top out of control. Much the same as a hurricane, the wind simply does not have anywhere else to go as it can’t continue to the centre of the axis of the storm because the rotation of the Earth will not allow it, and that is why very few hurricanes do not form within 5 degrees of the Earth’s axis, the equator. So in layman terms, the closer the wind is to the centre of the storm, the higher the wind speed is. (makes you wonder why Newton did not just say that in the first place)


OK, folks, I promise, no more physics today it's given me a headache anyway.


The Eye of the Storm

Perhaps one of the most fascinating things about a hurricane is the centre of it or as it is known as “the eye.” Surely a surreal place, the eye is only formed in a fully mature hurricane a storm strong enough to cause a layer of air to push cloud formations down through the centre of the storm, thus creating the eye. The eye, depending on the size of the storm range between 30–65 km, however, some have been reported as low as 3km while one the largest ever recorded was a colossal 370 km in diameter, larger than Rhode Island, and a small warning, if you are a sailor, do not think if you make it to the eye, you will be safe, as most times the ocean waves are just as strong as they are outside of the eye.

So, what do hurricanes need to be born?

The simple answer is heat, heat caused by evaporation of ocean waters which has been heated up by our sun, without access to warm waters the hurricane will simply die, hence when over land the storm will rapidly weaken, something which is happening to hurricane Barry right now.

Can we expect more of these massive hurricanes and could the increased regularity of these storms be caused by Global Warming?

Although we cannot say 100% that the severity or the frequency of hurricanes can be directly linked to Global Warming because of Climate Change, we do know that since the industrial revolution, the hurricane season does seem to be getting more prolonged and more unpredictable, and history does tell us the following.

Since 1995, records indicate that hurricanes are becoming more common. Furthermore, more of them are happening in places where in the past, they were virtually unknown, and their destructiveness also appears to be getting stronger.

Whether you deny the link to Global Warming or not, indications do seem to back up the theory that they are increasing in size, frequency and destructiveness, for instance, there were between 1926 and 1960, twenty-one Atlantic storms, a record only broken in 2005, which saw 28 of them. 

The same can be said about hurricanes, there were very few tropical hurricanes recorded during the 1900 – 1925 seasons. However, many intense storms were recorded during the 1870 – 1899 seasons and it was noticed that the seasons were becoming more unpredictable in their length and start and end dates, one, for instance, caught the city of New York by surprise when, in 1821, a hurricane slammed into the city estimated by some to be at the least a category 4 monster.

So, after reading the above facts, the actual link between Global Warming and Hurricanes has not been proven. However, it does not take much of our imagination to say yes, there is a link between Global Warming and the cause of Hurricanes.

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