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bargain brute to help hurricane barry victims to rebuild


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HURRICANE BARRY: All eyes are on the state of Louisiana as Hurricane Barry inches its way towards landfall.

Its nighttime on the Gulf Coast, but no one is asleep.  Just off the coast of Louisiana a monster is bearing down on them once again. The residents of this battered state are expecting the worse, and who can blame them, they have been through this before when Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of the loving musical city. The Mayor of New Orleans is telling residents to stay inside, going onto say that this will be the most significant test of their new levee system put in place after Hurricane Katrina.

It's not just the population of Louisiana who are tracking Hurricane Barry. The whole of America, and for that matter, the world is. As Tropical Storm Barry most certainly turns into a hurricane. Once it makes landfall, they are going to need all the help they can get.  Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has already activated 3,000 members of the National Guard to help with the after-effects of the storm 

Help is also coming from another organization. One who has been there and done it before, the community-minded Fort Collins, CO, USA online retailer,  who back in September 2017, helped the storm victims in Florida and Texas after the devastating Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida.

This is genuinely a huge and humane gesture by Bargain Brute, a gesture I have not seen any other organization come forward with in such a spontaneous no question asked way, but anyone who dealt with them during Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, will not be surprised. They are one of the few online companies who really care, not just about their customers, but their country as a whole, and yes the world.

What is offering

They plan to become a centralized outlet for people from across the nation, and possibly beyond, to enable them to send items which will be urgently required after the storm has passed. Items such as blankets, food, clothing, in fact, anything that will prove useful to allow survivors or displaced persons to rebuild their lives and communities. How can they do this, simply because they have millions of items in stock, all ready to be shipped from one of their 97 warehouses around the USA.  

Participation in this moving process is quite easy, and donors can directly send their help to the victims in the form of items that are already available on the website. When you realise that you are about to help thousands of people,why not join and support the people of our country. There is no grander feeling anywhere.

If you want further information and want to become part of this inspirational project, please visit: full details are at the end of this short narrative.

Back to the storm what to expect as of 7/13/2019 at 2 am MST.

Continuing on its present path hurricane, Barry will make landfall about 100 miles west of New Orleans, close to Marsh Island which is situated in  Vermilion Bay, Louisiana. Whether it becomes a hurricane depends on how long it can stay over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and at this point, it may be worth noting that where the tropical storm is located many oilrigs are situated, so the risk of an environmental disaster is hugely possible.

Even though it is predicted that tropical storm Barry will turn into a category 1 hurricane once it makes landfall, the primary concern is the amount of water which is going to be dumped over the state. AccuWeather Local StormMax is predicting the possibility of 24 inches of rain water in some areas. They go onto say that this torrential rain could result in life-threatening flooding, the new levees are already showing signs of leakage caused by the cresting levels of water.

Areas which are in the direct crosshairs of the storm are most of eastern Louisiana plus parts of western and southern Mississippi and southeastern Arkansas. The " Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards tweeted "This is going to be a significant weather event," going onto say that it is critical for all to take notice of the advice given by local police forces and authorities.

Latest Breaking Tropical Storm Barry: Indications are that water is pouring into New Orleans following torrential rain causing tributaries from the Mississippi River to swell. From the south, you have the actual Tropical storm racing towards the city. The team at BargainBrute is praying for the safety of all people living in the state of Louisiana.

Please join with in their wonderful offer. Help will be definitely required, and only you can give it.  Remember it is for your neighbors, full contact details for are below. Become a part of this inspiring project and visit today. We are currently in active preparation of our assistance program. We will provide guidance as the local authorities on scene provide us with details of the supplies needed.  Please visit our website for the most recent updates.  Thank you for helping.  CLICK HERE for updates.

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