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gear a fisherman can fish with

Fishing is an experience that can be a truly serene and enjoyable if done right by a fisherman.  It can be a good way to kill more than a couple of hours.  The ideal time for fish is summer time when you can breathe easy in your shorts and have some quiet alone time, or enjoy kicking back a few cold ones with your buddies from back in the day.  You can even take your son or your daughter with you on the fishing trip to experience the great and wonderful outdoors.

For a great fishingexperience, you need to have the right fishing gear, and more of it at that.  You never know when you might run out, so you need to have your gear well stocked before heading out.  Here’s what you need to have:

More Attractive Lures

The hook and worm usually does the trick most of the time, but for other times, you may want to pack something a little extra.  To attract the best fish and step up your numbers, you need attractive and shiny lures.  Complex lures shaped like smaller fish attract larger fish, and the ones you can buy by come with double hooks so you can reel in the fish with force without the fear of letting it go.

Extra Line

Line breaks are common in fishing.  If you have strong hooks and you finally hooked in that large and powerful bass, it might break the line if it struggles too hard.  The line can even get caught in floating logs or debris and break.  No fisherman likes it when their line breaks as they have to wind it up all over again.  It’s even worse if you run out of line, so be sure to pack extra in case you run out.

More Hooks

When it comes to fishing hooks, there are many types that you can choose from.  Each has its own strengths when it comes to catching particular kinds of fish.  There’s the traditional J hook, and then there’s the French hook.  If you use a hook that is inappropriately sized, and use it to catch a 100 pound carp rather than the stronger and heavier river bass, you might have a big problem.  .  

Needle Nose Pliers

Speaking of hooks, there are times when they can get stuck in your hands if you try to pull them out of the fish by hand.  You’ll be in an instant world of pain when that happens.  For times like these, you better have some needle nose pliers to pry the hook free from the fish (or yourself!).

A Nail Cutter

Cutting the fishing line can be tricky work without the right kind of tools.  Sure, you could use a knife to cut it but then you would risk cutting the line’s thickness.  This could mean easily breakable line.  For precision cuts, use a nail cutter to cut the fishing line.

Is there something that we missed?  What do you like to take on your fishing trip?






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