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bargainbrutes colorado hippie store

BargainBrute's Colorado Hippie Store and the Hippie's who Changed a Nation

Welcome to you all. Today we hope to take you back to the 1960s and the hippie movement. On the way, we will discover the history surrounding a movement that did change a nation politically, socially, and of course, at the same time usher in a new form of fashion that is still with us today.

Furthermore,  I am happy to say. We will be popping over to America's favorite place to shop online, where we will browse the magnificent collection of hippie clothing and trinkets on display within their Colorado Hippie Store, the online retail outlet, the pride of Fort Collins and Hippie culture the world over.

So who is BargainBrute? They are one of America's few family businesses still up and running. Their promise to every one of their online shoppers is quite simple:

If there is s good quality bargain out there, they will get it and sell it at the lowest price possible while still maintaining its quality. Simply put, you will not find bargain products of this quality anywhere else on the Internet.

Now on with our story. They say once a hippie always a hippie; however, some baby boomers would like to overlook that one of the defining moments that characterized the persona of this very colorful generation was that the time frame became dominated by the Hippie. Yes, in the 1960s, our movement would change a nation, politically, socially, and of course, how the young of the time dressed.

Although in today's modern social media world, the term hippie seems somewhat quaint and old-fashioned. Back in the 1960s, the movement had tremendous power, and perhaps without the hippie movement, the immense social change in public morality of the time may never have happened.

So, with the above in mind, while some of the baby boomers who are now in their late 60s maybe be a tad embarrassed to tell their children of their gentle past back then, perhaps we should remember it was also an incredibly formative part of, not just our personal history, but also of the history of our nation. So with this in mind, maybe we should all rethink and give the hippie movement all the respect it so richly deserved back in the 1960s and, of course, in today's somewhat troubled world.

Yes, believe it or not, without these baby boomers, the economy of our nation would collapse, as believe it or not, those poor but colorful people of the 1960s have now gained a few years and become slightly more well off and are now spending some of their newfound wealth to the tune of over $7 trillion. If lost, an extraordinary amount would prove to be disastrous for not only our own country but also for the global economy itself.

So it is with great liking that I now see that our world, especially the financial world, has at last accepted the hippie movement with open arms. Why? Because the people of today's world, it would seem, have realized that without the gentle Hippie, or the baby boomers, our world would be a much poorer place. For that reason, I say good for them, and let's hope they keep on shopping the right way, the BargainBrute way, the only way, the online way.

Authors note: While researching this, I found myself wondering what we hippies would have done if social media platforms like "Facebook," "Twitter," etc., had been around in the 1960s.

Just think what the Woodstock music festival Facebook page would have looked like, and can you imagine how many more people would have turned up to camp on Maz Yasgur's dairy farm. I mean, even without the aid of a social media platform, the music festival managed to draw an estimated 400,000, so imagine with social media it could have attracted millions, and I dare say some may have stayed there up to this present day.

Well, time to go and take a look at some of the top bargains on display at BargainBrute's "Colorado Hippie Store," one of the few places left where you can still find genuine, high-quality hippie clothing and trinkets at the best prices found anywhere else in today's online retail market.

One of the great things about the hippie days was the colors. We wore colors of every shade imaginable, yes you can say we really stood out, and now once again, you can also.

Rekindle those times with a Wild Spirit Tribe DOGO sweatshirt made of both cotton and polyester. This sweatshirt can be easily machine washed. The regular price $121.50, but after an extremely good BargainBrute 38.72% discount, yours delivered to your home for just $74.46.

Where would a hippie be if he or she did not have a perfect colorful shoulder bag to carry around all those trinkets and supplies required for that long day out. Once again, the Colorado Hippie Store has the answer.

What about a fair trade genuine Mayan Bag -  hand-knitted by the Maya of Guatemala  - Lemon Lime in color and, of course, made to keep up with the hippie lifestyle. Yes, if you want to color, this unique rounded bottom bag has it all, and what's more, every bag is different so that you will have a one-of-a-kind, yours delivered to your home for the fantastic low price of $29.25.

Of course, what sort of Hippie would you be if you did not show off a few beads and charms? Problem solved with this charming Acacia & Chumbimba Rainforest Seed Bracelet, made with Chumbimba and Acacia Seeds gathered from Costa Rica's valleys. The necklace features a neat slip-knot closing mechanism which allows it to be altered to any size, making it a must for both men and women alike. Yours once again delivered directly to your home for the incredible bargain price of $20.65, a genuine, high-quality bargain.

The above are just three of the Hippie-styled bargains you will find at BargainBrute's Colorado Hippie Store. They do, of course, have many more, so why not pop over and join the many who have made BargainBrute.Com their home for online shopping? I know you will not regret it.

Well, I am afraid we have come to the end of our hippie road trip. I appreciate your time for reading it, and I will see you tomorrow for another short story that I will ensure is as enjoyable as possible.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph family circle and all at, we thank you for shopping with us.

See you all tomorrow, and please stay safe.

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