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a hippie guide from 1960 for todays society

 As America festered with discontent and the United Kingdom reeled from one economic disaster to another resulting in the devaluation of its currency.  Culture started to emerge from the shambles politicians had caused in both countries. At first, this new ethos would, like most emerging societies, remain partially submerged.

This new culture would become known as the flower children, better known as the #Hippies.  By the end of the 1960s, his new culture would change how people thought of our political dynasties and how we saw our own world. It was in-fact indeed the birth of a new age, and James Rado in the hit musical “Hair” described this new modern era best when he magically wrote, “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”  So it was, and oh, what fun we had.

Setting the stage

OK, mandatorily warning; It would be remiss of me not to have a quick chat about the use of drugs. While personally, I do not condone the use of drugs, I will admit that in the 1960s, I did dabble in Mother Natures' supply of natural products. You should know that up until 1966, LSD was not a banned substance in the United States. You could get this mind-altering concoction from any pharmacy with or without a prescription...

Right, that’s out of the way, so let's continue and set the stage for what was a breathtaking decade.

Dateline 1965: All was well, and all was peaceful; # love and #peace were in the air. All was not quite as it seemed in theTrinidad's small townshipColorado, who, with the help of four young art students about to undergo changes that would resonate worldwide. Using a small piece of land approximately 7-acres-long, our #peace-loving filmmakers were going to attempt to construct a live-in work of Drop Art.

So successful did this project become that people worldwide came to live and work on the construction project. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller and Steve BaeBaer's ideas, participants would construct geodesic domes made out of anything they could find, mainly old cars, and live in them. So noticeable was the project that it was awarded the Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion award in 1967. The project was called “Drop City.” Recycling had come of age thanks to the endeavors of our # peace-loving #Hippies.

For part of the 1960s, a couple of friends and I were part of the military. This did not stop us from shucking off our uniforms and boarding our trustee Volkswagon steed and joining in the fun. Our attire was easy to find back in those days, and thrift shops literally made a killing. If you could not find it there, one of your peace-loving flower children would give it to you even if it meant taking it off his or her back.

We started our trip from Vancouver and aimed to drive down to San Francisco in the old Volkswagen, which had mattresses, pots, and pans, you name it. We had it all strapped with chicken wire to the top of the car. We did not get far, stripped searched at the American border by this enormous man who apparently could not speak English, as everything he did was in sign language. I have often thought about that. Anyway, we were on our way, and all was peace as we drove off into the early morning sun singing as we went. Looking back through the rearview mirror, I could see this rather confuddled border agent watching us with a look of what can only be described as wonderment. Was it because he just wanted to join us? We will never know. 

We parked up for the night with some other travelers we had met on the way, choosing to park next to a small ravine that had a waterfall and a densely wooded forest on either side. I have absolutely no idea where that was, but we were happy.  Anyway, after a bit of one of Mother Natures' substances, we just slept where we stood, cuddling up for warmth with anyone who happened to be close by.

The following morning we awoke to this strange rolling mist—one of those mists that seemed to be rolling on and on about two feet in the air. Very strange, we thought, anyway, first things first, something for breakfast. On with the ponchos and into the forest, we were on the hunt. For what, you ask? One of Mother Natures' genuine delicacies, mushrooms. The only problem was you had to pick the correct ones. Magic Mushrooms the poor man's LSD, the poor man's speed, call it what you want, but we were on the hunt and wanted to avoid poison or a trip.  Hey man, we were hungry...

Back at camp with our haul of mushrooms, hoping we had the right sort, we chopped them up, shoved them into a pan with a few sausages, and had a hearty breakfast, eaten with some of the most delicious cannabis-laced muffins. Made by the loving hands of one of the flower girls we had met the previous day, #Love was in the air. It was a genuinely excellent time to belong to this new culture, the #cannabisculture. It was definitely the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

It was a good time. A time I will never forget. A time I thought had passed, but you know it hasn’t. It's still with us, and we can, if we want, all go back to those wonderful times. Where is this magical place? It's an online shopping mall based in Colorado, quite close to #Trinidad. They must be amazing as they have been voted the best place to shop online in 2019. Believe it or not, they sell everything you may need to go back to those times, and I might add they will drop your order off directly at your home, completely #free of charge, the following day of your order.

What else does this fantastic online mega mall have? Well, BargaingBrute.Com has a store on their shopping deals website called the Colorado Hippie Store that has become a  home for the original #hippies.  This store is so groovy they were voted the official hippie lifestyle outfitter in the United States in 2018.   They have everything. Just check out all of the handmade items and crafts, all created by their fun-loving hippie staff, including Zip Up TieDye Footie Pajamas and much, much more, and when you shop with them. You can rest assured that everything is made with #peace, #love, and #happiness just for you.

So come on down to Fort Collins, Colorado and once again join the Hippie movement and let the Colorado Hippie Store on BargainBrute.Com acknowledge you as Official Colorado Hippies. Be sure to check back regularly, and join America's first family as they take us on a trip, drenched in hope, peace, and fun-loving.

You never know you might bump into farmer Max Yasgur who was in the early 60s, getting his 600-acre farm ready for what was to become one of the most beautiful gatherings the world has ever seen.

Let peace shine through and lots of Peace From Rado.

Thanks for reading.

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