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your community and covid-19


Watchful waiting - Experts predict that covid-19 will spread more ...

Your community and COVID-19

Good day to you all, and so many thanks to you once again for joining us at what is possibly the Internet's favorite place to shop online

Today in these rather horrid pandemic times we thought it was time to take a look at what you can do to help both your neighbors and other family members. With this in mind, here we go with our thoughts on "Your community and COVID-19".

It would seem that the rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to a lot of changes both globally and within your local community. Meaning that just being able to keep in touch, let alone helping someone in your local community can be very difficult.

Fortunately however, there are a few different paths you can take to give back to your community, which if completed correctly will not only strengthen your community but return it to the type of community it was before these terrible times began.

One often-overlooked strategy is to buy both your food and groceries from a local online business, mainly because once again this pandemic has forced many well-known online retailers to move most of, if not all their services online, a trend many believe will continue years after this global pandemic has reached its climax, and come to an end.


However, the above being said, remember while out searching your community for a reliable online shopping experience always remember to give them a call before you visit as they may have already succumbed to the pandemic and have, like many, already closed their doors to business.


Remember in these trying times, many elderly or sick people living within your local community maybe, due to a weakened immune system, be unable to shop, so always remember, be neighborly and give them a visit. I am sure your visit will be most appreciated, it may even make you feel much healthier in yourself, and of course, once again, it will cost you nothing but love, and of course, also help return your neighborhood back to what it was just a few short weeks ago.


Another often overlooked strategy is to stay in touch with your community virtually, especially if you happen to be a participant of an online group, or hold your meetings in your local government offices. Many of these now have online capabilities and once more will cost you nothing but love.


One word of advice in regards to the above however, is to remember your local self-distancing laws, as some of these differ from state to state. A quick and straightforward search over the internet will generally give you all the information you require, and remember such is the dangers of this pandemic that both, Skype and Zoom now host multi-person video calls, once again completely free of charge.


Always remember to buy only what your family needs, do not hoard items; this is entirely unnecessary and will do nothing at all for your local community. However, if there is a local emergency then by all means, go out there and shop to your heart's content, while once again, not forgetting to support your local community both online and offline.


Another good reason for sticking to the above advice is because many people have other things on their mind. Some, as mentioned above are sick, some simply do not have the money to shop at this time, and worst of all is the fact that people even in our great country, are too frightened for whatever reason to venture far from their own local community, favoring more to just stay at home and shut themselves off from the community.


Rule of thumb: It is a good idea when out shopping, or for that matter when shopping online, that you only stock up on essential items. One week's supply is usually all you will require, and while at your local store, please do not forget to place a few things, especially sanitary and hygiene items into one of those little racks customarily situated close to the cashout till. By doing this you will not only be supporting your local community but our nation as a whole.


If you have your own car, think of delivering food and supplies through your local "Meals on Wheels Service". Once again a quick search online will give you all the information you may require; You can also, if you do not own your own car think of joining your local Meals on Wheels Service and help with both donations and sorting of the items left by your fellow community residents. This is both genuinely helpful and of course, once again, will not cost you anything but love.


Do you have any web skills? If you do, then why not offer them to your local chapter. You will be amazed at how many local organizations have been forced to change their everyday schedules, and I include traditional brick and mortar retail shops and of course online retailers alike, all of whom tragically, in these tough times, have been forced to close their doors.


If you need help in finding a reliable company to help you with your online presence, there are of course many, of which I include the web hosting and design companies of WiX and Godaddy to name just two.


Well my good friends, we have come to the end of this short narrative. A narrative expressly designed for the sole purpose of helping "Your community and COVID-19" so all that remains for me to do on behalf of our hosts who were, incidentally voted America's favorite place to shop online in 2020 to wish you all great help throughout these trying times.


Keep up the wonderful work I know you are all doing and help once again, all who live in our local communities.



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