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the best from the vitamin world in one vitamin shoppe

Vitamin Store


Vitamin and minerals are important to the body. Research has suggested that they can help prevent various diseases, but even with the best dietary intentions, most people don’t meet all their nutritional needs. That’s why they go to a vitamin shoppe and buy supplements.

A vitamin shoppe has lots of supplements from the vitamin world, and it can be difficult to determine what you need and don’t need for your health. Below are the essential vitamins and minerals that you buy from the vitamin store.



Multivitamin is the most popular supplement in a vitamin store. It is a daily supplement that contains vitamins A, C, D, and K. It also contains minerals such as zinc, iodine, and potassium. Avoid multivitamin supplements that contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals that are over the recommended daily value.


Omega 3s

When buying Omega 3s, look for the supplement that is sourced from algae or fish oil. Health experts recommend 1,000mg each day. Omega 3s are good for the body because they contain key fatty acids, which are DHA and EPA. Some companies add vitamin E to the Omega 3s supplement to keep it from becoming rancid.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is hard to get from the food you eat. It is an important ingredient to keep the bones strong by assisting in the absorption of calcium. While getting sunlight helps the body produce it, it can be hard to get during the winter months. Studies have shown that people who took vitamin D supplements live longer compared to those who didn’t take them.


Calcium with Magnesium

Your parents might have nagged you to drink your milk when you were young. This is because calcium from milk helps keep teeth and bones strong. The blood vessels, nervous system, and muscles also need the mineral to function properly. It is recommended to take 600mg of calcium along with 400mg of magnesium every day. Magnesium will help prevent the constipating effects of calcium. It is also important not to take calcium with multivitamins because it can interfere with the absorption of the mineral.



Studies have shown that zinc can interfere with the reproduction of rhinoviruses, which are the bugs that cause the common cold. People who take zinc supplements are less prone to colds. And when they do get colds, the symptoms are less severe.


Folic Acid

Folic acid is required by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It plays an important role in cell division and fusion of DNA. You can get folic acid from grains and vegetables, but women who might become pregnant should take 400 to 800mg more every day. While the dose is often included in multivitamins, pregnant and breastfeeding women need more than the daily recommended dosage.

These are the top essential vitamins and minerals that you can find in a vitamin store. It is important that you get the right amounts of important vitamins and minerals daily to maintain the health of your body.






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