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protecting your skin while swimming

Protecting your skin while swimming

Well, it's hot out there with our Deals of the Day, so what better way to cool down than to go for a quick dip in the old backyard swimming pool, that round object full of cold refreshing water, an oasis fit for a king.

However, sometimes lurking just below the surface are chemicals that, for all intense purposes, you do not want to get on your skin.

So, with this in mind, once again, with the help of our friends over at BargainBrute, let's have a quick look at how you can make use of products to protect the delicate balance of your soft and milky skin.

Your skin is your body's largest organ, and as such, should be treated with the utmost respect. Chemicals like chlorine, to name one, can and do irritate the skin to such a degree that it can permanently age the surface, to such an extent that it will never return to its once pristine gorgeous self.

So, what can we do? Start each day the right way by inspecting your skin; this will protect your skin from harmful chemicals and prewarn you of any other toxic substances that may await you deep down in the pool.

Moisturizer is always a good idea but be careful which ones you choose, as they also may contain the same horrid chemicals you placed in the pool when you last had the pool cleaner guy over.

Next on the list is a simple shower. Often overlooked but believe me, essential if, as mentioned above, you want to keep your skin as intended by mother nature herself. I mean, what better recommendation can you get if it is not from the lady herself, the mighty lady often referred to as "Mother Nature."

Moving on, and we get to the vanity stage. The stage which, if we are honest, all have been through some time or other in our lives, just wetting your hair before you enter the calm waters can prevent your skin from absorbing chemicals, which, as we have discussed, are already percolating through the calming waters of your pool. Some people have also reported tasting salt after swimming in the pool. Believe it or not, this is quite common, as the pool, surprisingly, sometimes sucks in salt through the atmosphere.

Many people search out lotions from online retailers like our hosts BargainBrute.Com, who incidentally was, voted America's preferred place to shop online in 2020, an accolade which they carry with pride.

You can find most of these lotions at many online outlets; however, if you want my advice, I would stick with a winner, and is up there with the winners. You could even say they are the "crème de la crème," what better name can you have while talking about protecting your skin while out swimming.

Sunscreen lotions, not to be confused with the heavy creams your dear old mum used to slather all over your body, had come a long way since the early days when, if you were born in the mid-1950s, sunburn was just a passage of life. Yes, new waterproof creams and sanitizers are now so good that I cannot remember the last time I saw someone crawling through the city streets as if they belonged in an old B feature movie.

However, once again, just a quick word of advice, ensure you apply this magical mixture at least 15 minutes before you intend to enter your pool. Also, ensure your sunscreen has an SPF set at a minimum of 30 or higher. If you do not, then I am sorry to say you will suffer the consequence, especially if you are in direct sunlight or down on the beach.

While not always possible, it is also a good idea to take a shower once you have had your swim as it will help to shed your skin of chlorine and other harmful chemicals you have picked up, and if possible, do it before your skin has had the chance to dry out if you want to avoid any irritation.

Believe it or not, hot skin can also irritate your skin, so be sure not to miss any of those little private spots hidden away under your costumes or, in some cases, hats.

Yes! You heard right, there is an old saying which goes "Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the Midday Sun," and this author is definitely one of them, so take heed and advice from the one who knows, and never again risks the sharp sting of the sun, just because you forgot to protect your skin while out swimming.

Swimming outdoors is always a good idea as many outdoor pools have systems built to help harmful chemicals escape out into the air before they have had a chance of harming you.  Unlike indoor swimming pools, which contain vast quantities of toxic chemicals, they do not make outdoor swimming the better option when comparing it to indoor swimming.


So in ending, while swimming, especially indoors, it is good practice always to choose a decent-sized pool, which has both adequate ventilation and, of course, a ready supply of your favorite sunscreen lotion, which you can find at America's favorite place to shop online


Well, folks, that's it from us, and we thank you, as always, for taking the time to read. So without further ado, on behalf of the Vandergraph family and every employee at, together we "Thank you for shopping with us today."

Kind Regards and stay safe, see you all tomorrow, and please help us to kick this horrid Coronavirus Pandemic on the head by trying to keep a safe distance, together we can beat this, together we can return to days gone by when swimming in the backyard pool was the norm.

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