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how where and when to get tested against the coronavirus

How Where and When to Get Tested Against the Coronavirus

It is pretty apparent that the number of cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to spread throughout the USA, despite massive attempts to halt it;

Today, with the help of our online shopping hosts BrgainBrute.Com we will explore when to get tested, where to get tested, and most importantly when to get tested.

There is no doubt about it, Americans, or for that matter, the world's population are running scared. Not since the 1st World War has a pandemic, such as Coronavirus, managed to bring the world to its knees as it undoubtedly has.

So great is the upheaval caused by this horrific pandemic that many world leaders have, maybe for the first time in history, joined together in an attempt to quench the thirst of a killer, known to us all as the Coronavirus.

Yes, it would appear that, for once, all are attempting the impossible to find a universal cure that can then be given to the population of the world at no cost to the end-user.

However, just finding a cure is one thing, but how you administer treatment is a distinctly different procedure, as already, signs are that the average American has absolutely no idea of where to go to get tested, how to get tested, and when to get tested. As experience tells us, there will be no cure without testing, thus making it possible for the world to reach a point of no return. In essence, the world will cease to function.

How to find a place to get tested

First up, contact your local healthcare provider or your family doctor, especially if you think you may have been infected. In all cases, the doctor will probably ask you to come into his office for a quick test or give you the address of a standalone testing facility in your neighborhood.

At this point, try to stay relaxed. I know this is easy to say, but already it has been noted that many people have become depressed, thus worsening the effects of the actual disease. Just remember, just because you feel sick, chances are you do not have the Coronavirus, so try and continue with your regular daily routine.

First up, pop over to your county or state website. Most have a wealth of information about the location and opening times of any COVID testing facilities in your area.

Next, check out your local drugstore or CVS. Once again, during these trying times, remember they have all stepped up to the plate to help both busy health workers and doctors alike, so do not be cross if you find you have to wait in line for a while, as that wait can be very rewarding as most have just what you are looking for, testing kits all in stock, just waiting to be picked up by you. What's more, all contain complete instructions on how to use them correctly.

Authors note: Please take note, to qualify for a COVID-19 test at your local CVS, you must be at least 18 years of age and have proof of residency. A state driver's license will suffice, however, you may also use a utility bill as long as it indicates where you are currently living.

Finally, if you had to make an appointment before your visit, make sure you bring confirmation of the meeting, either with the use of an email or text message. This will ensure you do not waste your day and others' time by waiting in a long lineup, which I have to say, are many.

What to do once you are in the actual testing facility

You may feel slightly overwhelmed when first entering the testing facility. After all, this is probably the first time you may have seen health professionals dressed in full protective clothing, and this can be pretty scary at first glance.

Once again, try and relax, try to see through all the paraphernalia they are wearing. It will not be for long, remember, however, these angels of mercy have probably worked double shifts since the beginning of the pandemic, so be ultra polite, they will be tired, and after all, we owe so much to them, without them, this diabolical disease would be ten times greater, a thought that does not even bear thinking about.

The actual COVID test

The medical technician will first swab the back of your nose and throat. A procedure, although unpleasant, is not dangerous and will only take approximately 5-10 seconds.

However, remember, during the test, you must keep completely still. It would help if you allowed the technician to do his or her job as rapidly as possible. Other people are waiting outside.

Waiting for the test results

You have now managed to get through the initial testing period; now it is time for the wait, which many people find hard to handle.

However, I think you have crossed hurdles that only three days ago may have seemed impossible, but because you bothered to read up on the subject by visiting such blogs as this, nothing is now beyond you.

So in ending, all that is left to do is sit down, relax, and watch out for an email or maybe a good old fashion letter. A letter which will usually be delivered in only a few days, then your wait will be over, and most importantly, nine times out of ten, you will have tested, just like most Americans, harmful to what can only be described as America's most horrifying pandemic,  since recorded history.

OK, my friends, I am close to the end of this short narrative, so all that is left for me to do is thank you all for reading it. It is most appreciated, and if I may say so, please remember to wash your hands regularly with both soap and water, not forgetting to sanitize the open surfaces within your home.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph family and every employee at, we thank you for shopping with us today.

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