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4 amazing benefits of early morning coffee

If you love coffee, we have some great news for you.  It’s beneficial for your health and more.  Besides, the aroma and the taste alone are enough to leave you feeling fresh after that initial grogginess disappears.  The feel of the warm coffee mug in your hands on a cold winter’s day is the best feeling you can experience in the morning.

If you have a lot to do throughout the day, coffee is the instant energizer that leaves you with extra energy for tackling the challenges of the day ahead.  

So here are the amazing benefits that early morning coffee will give your body.

1.     Fat Burner

The early morning cup that you churn out of the coffee maker in the morning has a positive impact on your waistline.  That is, if you’re not adding sugar and whip to it!  Your health and waist maintenance requires that your metabolism is peaking throughout the day; it’s what helps you burn fat after all.  Morning coffee increases that rate by more than 5%, and makes you shave off some of that extra weight every day.

It can even pay if you have a coffee maker that you can set automatically before you sleep to give you that much needed morning cup.  Click here to get one.

2.     Keeps Depression Away

Been feeling down lately?  Maybe you need a cup of coffee in the morning.  Students use it, and so do working professionals. And for good reason: research indicates that moderate coffee drinking in the day (from 2-3 cups) can reduce the risk of depression by 15% in women.  So keep your depression at bay by drinking coffee.  

3.     Protects your eyes from Irreparable Damage

Aging.  This “deadly” killer can take its toll on your eyes in the form of glaucoma.  Your retina may get damaged due to oxidative stress over time as you age.  In glaucoma, your optic nerve gets damaged and causes reduction in your eyesight.  You may not even spot it until it’s too late.  Thankfully, early morning coffee has a lot of antioxidants that can reduce the oxidation stress on your eyes, and you may be saved from irreparable damage.

4.     Boosts your workouts

The next time you decide to hit the gym in the morning before work, have yourself a tall cup of “Joe”.  You will likely notice better performance at the gym, and see a marked difference in the amount of time that you are able to train.  People who drank coffee were able to run faster on the treadmill when they drank a cup of coffee before they started, according to one study.

There are numerous more health benefits to drinking coffee in the early morning, so if you haven’t started your day with freshly brewed coffee from a coffee maker, now’s the time.






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