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3 essential computer components to upgrade your computer

In a world where sleek, thin laptops are the mainstream attraction, technology geeks still prefer choosing computer components and building their own desktop computers.  There is a very good reason for that though.  Once you buy a laptop, you’re stuck with those general specifications until the machine gives out.  However, desktop computers are customizable machines, and provide ample room for personalization and upgrade!  It doesn’t matter for what purpose you use your computer, you might be a photographer, music composer, video editor, writer, or a hardcore gamer, you can always make your computer faster, stronger, and more powerful by adding or replacing hardware components.

The PC Master race is very real. Let’s take a look at some important hardware components that you can use to tweek your desktop computer and take it to that next level.

1. RAM

The Random Access Memory (or RAM for short) is one of those essential components you must’ve heard of whether you’re tech savvy or not.  If you are a multi-tasker, then a decent RAM is the key to carry out all your activities on the computer seamlessly.  No one likes having to wait out the frozen screen of doom, especially if you’re impatient or need to get a lot done.

RAM facilitates multiple applications to run on your computer simultaneously by serving as a volatile memory needed by the programs.  When you open a program and minimize it, it gets stored into the RAM.  A RAM with big storage means you can open more files alongside each other without any problems.

2. Video & Graphics Cards

This is one of the most sought after components in the computer gaming world.  If you’re a gamer, who wants to keep up with the next generation games, then your computer specifications must comply and the graphics card is a major hardware requirement for most games of today.  Unless you like a continually lagging, pixelated, or freezing video output, you must get a high functioning graphics card that is capable of supporting the demanding cool games you’d like to play.

If you’re just a beginner to PC gaming, go for the GDDR3 video card that supports Direct 11.  As you graduate to the next level and start feeling more explorative with games, you can step the graphics card up accordingly.  Nvidia, AMD, Intel, and Matrox are some of the leading manufacturers of graphics cards.

3. Processor

The processor is the brain power of your computer.  If you want to upgrade on all other components like video cards and RAM, then you can’t leave the processor behind.  A good processor is the prerequisite for good CPU hardware components.

In other words, the processor must be capable of handling the load of all the components you’ve hooked up to your system.  It is responsible for gathering information from different programs that are running on your computer.  It decodes their commands and executes them.  There are many variations in processors available today, namely, dual core, quad cores, and hexa core.  These represent the number of cores in the processor. Therefore, multiple cores mean greater power.






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