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halloween and shopping

Halloween and Shopping

Americans will spend on average, approximately $100.00 per family this Halloween season, an incredible nationwide total of $9 billion, hence making Halloween one of the most celebrated holidays after Easter and Christmas.

!Yep! Seven in ten Americans will endeavor to give all those ghosts, goblins, and even all those things that go bump in the night a run for their money by purchasing sweets, costumes, assorted decorations, and even costumes and treats for their pets. Something which analysts say they are expecting this Halloween season.

Just where all these Americans will be doing their Halloween shopping, we will get to after exploring the origins and history of this fabled event. An event first heard of in the ancient days of the bronze age where European Celts held events way back in 1200 BC.

However, it has to be said that back in Celtic times, Halloween was not celebrated as we know of it today. Irish and Scottish immigrants who arrived in America in the mid 19th century are credited with the distinction of observing the hallowed festival of Halloween all be it just amongst the immigrant population. Even then, it was not the same as the festival we celebrate today.  

It would take until the first decade of the 20th century when the celebration became assimilated into mainstream America, and even then, it was still not what we know of today. It would take a puppeteer and mask maker living in Greenwich Village “Ralph Lee” in 1973 to turn a mainly religious festival into the Halloween trick or treating festival we know today. He started it by holding a parade in downtown New York City.

Like most things, Ralph’s New York City Parade grew from what was just a small group of parents and children (approximately 200) into what is now the largest Halloween parade in the world, attracting over 60,000 costumed participants. All watched in-turn by two million roadside spectators and an extraordinary worldwide television audience of over 100 million viewers.

As I said initially, Americans will spend a minimum of $9 billion between them this coming Halloween season, so let's take a look at where we can purchase everything required to keep the wonderful tradition of trick or treating alive and well. A celebration that brings back so many fond family memories for both myself and my family.

Talking about families, I have come across one family online run business that, unlike many other online companies, treats their clients with the same family values, once given by the many Mom and Pop-run stores of the 1950s. Furthermore, they also provide a fast and convenient way to shop online while ensuring that all their products are of the highest quality and affordable. They do this simply by offering the best “shopping deals of the day,” deals not seen anywhere else on the internet.

Who am I talking about?

Regular readers will know that I am talking about “BargainBrute.Com,” an online shopping mall that has just been voted the best place to shop online in 2019. It just happens that among their 49 separate online stores, they have stores packed to the rafters with not only their thousands of regular high-quality products but a complete line of Halloween products which will ensure you have the scariest Halloween party of all time. Furthermore, with their network of 79 different warehouses, you can be assured that any Halloween product your little goblins will need is all in stock and ready to be delivered, usually the same day of order, direct to your door.


Big Box Bulk Buys is the perfect shop to buy all kinds of items in bulk or volume. For Halloween products, pop over to their seasonal supplies section. Once there, you will find their large Halloween section packed to the rafters with everything you need to make this Halloween a day to be remembered, all in stock and ready for same-day delivery.

Girls Ladybug Halloween Costume ( Case of 2 )Girls Ladybug Halloween Costume ( Case of 2 )

It was $39.41, now $31.72, that’s a saving of $7.69, a massive 19.51% discount, just one of the incredible deals you will find at America’s favorite Halloween Shopping Mall.


Other Halloween supplies1 Set Halloween Hanging Holiday Party Decoration Ornaments DIY Pull Flag Castle Pumpkin Bat Witch

1 Set Halloween Hanging Holiday Party Decoration Ornaments DIY Pull Flag Castle Pumpkin Bat Witch

 $9.77 ready for delivery


1.2M Battery Power Foldable 10 LED Warm White Halloween Pumpkin String Lantern Fairy Holiday Light

1.2M Battery Power Foldable 10 LED Warm White Halloween Pumpkin String Lantern Fairy Holiday Light

Make your house stand out on the street, and be the one that’s noticed.

 All ready to go at $11.08


12 Patterns 4W LED Remote Projector Stage Light Moving Laser Spotlightt for Christmas Halloween

Patterns 4W LED Remote Projector Stage Light Moving Laser Spotlight for Christmas and Halloween.

Priced at $61.36 but now on special for $58.10, a  5.31% saving.

This has to be one of my favorites. Not only can you use it for Halloween, but you can also use it for Christmas by just flicking a switch.

Just think of it. Not only will your front garden be the envy of your neighbors for the Halloween festivities once it is over, but you also switch them off and leave them in place until it’s ready for Christmas. Then, with only one flick of a switch, hey-presto, it's Christmas-time. Imagine no more putting up lights during the freezing nights of December.

Please remember the few examples I have shown above are only the tip of the iceberg. In-fact America’s favorite place to shop online, BargainBrute, has over 3 million different high-quality items, all ready to be shipped to you, usually the same day of order. Why don’t you go over and discover the wonderful world of BargainBrute simply by following this link at BargainBrute.Com?

Well, folks, once again, I am coming to the end of this short Halloween online shopping narrative, and I thank both you for taking the time to read it and BargainBrute for inviting me to write it.

Please ensure all children wear something bright or have adults with brightly colored luminous jackets ( these can be obtained from BargainBrute) accompanying them while out trick or treating. Please watch your pets, as although Halloween can be a festive time for us humans, it can be terrifying for them.

So with no further ado, I will wish you all a brilliant but scary Halloween night wherever you are and look forward to seeing you all on the inside at America’s favorite place to shop online.

Kind Regards

The team at BargainBrute.Com



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