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Marmite that great British treat

It makes no matter if you shop online, in a traditional retail brick and mortar outlet or for that matter anyplace in the world; Today we are going to take a look at that tremendous British Vegan Spread treat "Marmite," perhaps the only product ever to be marketed with the no bones slogan, "Love it or hate it".

Yes, as far as slogans go "Love it or hate it" has to be up there with the all-time greats. Invented by accident, way back in the 19th century by a German scientist with the rather grandiose name of Justus von Liebig, Marmite would go on to have, a somewhat salty and very varied life.

An example of just how diverse Marmite is can be seen in a campaign recently initiated by the social media platform Instagram, who as recently as 2020, promoted the little brown bottle in what can only be portrayed as a very cheezy campaign named you gussed it "The Great Marmite Experiment".

I, being of a somewhat elderly age, like many others of my generation can remember "The Great Experiment" well.

Although perhaps not as famous as the early Coke and Pepsi campaigns, it did, however, do just what the slogan said it would do. It enabled people to either "Love it or hate it," while at the same time encouraging them to comment on such things as roast potatoes, and beef wellington.

Yes, there is no doubt, the media platforms encouragement of its invited online clients, to give their thoughts on anything from roast potatoes to beef wellington was, and still is a masterstroke, a masterstroke which is still echoing around the world wide web today.

The actual Marmite recipe, like most significant inventions of today, is a closely guarded secret; however, as the longstanding saying goes, "where there is a will there is a way," and allows, most online-savvy internet users a few open doors which in turn enables them to discover what is after all, still a highly guarded secret which of course is known to us all as “Marmite's Secret Ingredient”.

So, what is this magical ingredient everyone seems to be fighting over? Believe it or not, it is a simple brewers yeast, a yeast which is typically used for the specialized art of beer making, a drink which I have to admit I have been known to consume regularly, especially on a hot and humid day such as today.

Marmite comes of age

Flash forward to 2002, a big year for this British sandwich spread as the powers to be at last released their 100th-anniversary jar, a big step forward for a company who had not really bothered to do anything to change its product for eons. However, I have to say what happened next, was a first, at least in recent recorded history.

Yes, Marmite accomplished what no other retail consortium had ever done before. They actually caused a divide within their own country, and yes, of course, the company heralded this new division with, yes you guessed it, another masterstroke, a masterstroke so amazing that it would, just like the original slogan, echo through the extended reaches of what was then, the great "British Empire".

What was their new slogan? The slogan simply read "Marmite the Great Divide," a slogan which is still in use today.

The makings of the Great British treat!

We could end our story here, but this would be unjust, as how they actually made Marmite is in fact, a story in itself, a story with so many twists and turns it seems to be never-ending. So with no further explanation, let us find, just a little more, as to how they made Britain's favorite sandwich spread, “Marmite”.

To do this, we have to go back to 1902 and pay a short visit to the small city of  Burton-on-Trent, which is located in the famous north of England, quite close to Manchester. It is here that the scientist "Justus von Liebig, "purely by accident, stumbled on the spread while reminiscing with a colleague, recently arrived from Germany.

The story has it that the two scientists, after a hard day at work, missed their last bus home and had settled into the Burton-on-Trent factory to spend the night.

The factory, like most of the day, was both cold and dank, to be honest, the only happy residents in-place were the rats, who, like every other night, spent their time rummaging through whatever the workers had left on the floor before setting off home.

Both were hungry so set about searching for whatever they could find to eat, what they saw, would become the subject of this short narrative.

To end this story I can not think of any better way than to jot down the actual recipe of our favorite spread, a recipe incidentally, in the making for over 120 years.

The secret recipe! Just add a little Brewers yeast, (one liter should be enough) then pop down to the beach and pick up a little sea salt, (just a pinch will do) dice a ripe onion, (remembering to place a small piece of bread under your nose to stop the tears) then, pop down to the grocery shop and find yourself two carrots, one turnip which you will have to dice, before placing all into a large copper pot, along with just one solitary stick of celery.

Next, the all-important Brewers yeast, which you will, after adding it to the pot let simmer overnight. Then, just as you thought your work was done, boil the concoction for another 2 hours.

“Never said this was going to be easy did I,” however, on with our story. Then, thanks to our scientists you have to ensure that all this has been completed ata very low altitude. Why? I have absolutely no idea; however, it does apparently add flavor so who am I to moan.

Then, and I promise finally, find an old cheesecloth, that is if they still make them in today's world and sift the whole mixture into that little brown jar we now know as Marmite, that great British treat.

Well, my dear friends, I do hope you enjoyed this romp through the fields and villages of the good old British Isles, without which we would never have had the delight of seeing, the integral beauty, which is after all;  That great British reat Marmite.

Take care my friends, and on behalf of the Vandergraph family and every employee at we thank you for shopping with us today.

See you all tomorrow for yet another short narrative, specially created for the BargainBrute family and their friends and clients no matter where they are.



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