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heinz an enduring kind of variety


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Heinz an enduring kind of Variety

Good day to you all, if you have been kind enough to visit us at Bargainrute.Com, America's favorite place to shop online in 2020, then you would know that this week, we have been taking a look at spices and all the other good things which help us humans, to have a bit of variety in our sometimes humdrum lives.

Today we are going to carry on with that same theme and discover the unusual, but sometimes strange world, of Mr Henry J Heinz who, back in 1869, used the slogan "57 Varieties" simply because he liked the sound of it and loved a new pair of shoes.

We pick our story up when the man himself, just out of bankruptcy, was taking a ride on what was then, one of New York City's major tourism attractions, "The Elevated Train".

This engineering marvel stretched for approximately 2.3km over the magnificent skyline of downtown Manhattan and was just the ticket for our budding entrepreneur, who, as was his habit, rode the contraption nearly every single day on his way back and forth from work.

It was while riding this rather strange and dirty looking contraption, a contraption which later in life would become known as one of the cities more foolish folies, that Heinz came up with his masterstroke. He would call his newfound company "Heinz 57 Varieties". Why? Simply because of his apparent love of shoes, which he had seen, proudly advertised on a billboard, spanning the New York City elevated train he was riding that particular morning.

Naming the company "Heinz 57 Varieties," was no small decision for Heinz.  Even in those early days his fledgeling company had over 57 varieties of products, add this to the advertisement for the shoes he had just seen on the elevated train, which by the way, had only 21 different styles of shoes, and as we have already learnt Heinz, was indeed his own man, and would remain so, right up until his tragic death alongside his brother, former U.S. Senator Henry John Heinz III on April 4, 1991.

Authors note: Six other persons tragically died in that fateful crash, a crash which saw two helicopters collide in mid-air over the Merion Elementary School, a school located in the Lower Merion Township of Pennsylvania. As for his wealth, it passed on to his wife, Teresa Heinz; however, as we will see later, this was not the end of our illustrious virtuoso, who we first met on a cold and windy day while riding the "New York City Elevated Train". 

We next catch up with Heinz around the year 2000, and like most people of the time, most were beginning to come to terms with the online retail explosion, a time when many high street chains consolidated to stay in business, Walmart being one of them.

However, unlike some of the other pre 2nd war businesses, Heinz appeared to have it all mapped out, unlike some who had just preferred to stand on their laurels and rely on past marketing strategies, a mistake which many of us still manage to do today. Heinz grasped this new way of life and used it to his full advantage.

Yes, our man of 57 different varieties had learnt well, so well in fact, that the Heinz corporation expanded into over 200 countries, all of which they positioned throughout the world, not I have to say much different from our hosts BargainBrute, who were also quick to grasp this new online retailing marketing practice.

Now located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Heinz was ready with what many called his first major marketing success. He hit on a simple formula which would, in turn, go onto making both him and his wife part of the American elite, a position they would hold, mostly in peace as they both watched thier company grow from strength to strength. Never again would Mr. Heinz ever want for a pair of shoes, he had become of age, in an age where both honesty and durability were all you required to remain successful.

The Buying Years

Since its founding in 1896, the Heinz company went through many management and corporate buyouts, none more famous than the Kraft and 3G Capital buyout on March 25, 2015; it was the charismatic leader of 3G Capital, a Brazilian-US multibillion dollar investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, who would, along with Heinz, spearhead the newly created company Kraft Heinz through and into the modern-day computer, online orientated, multinational corporation of today.

Yes, the man with the 57 varieties had indeed come along way, however, unlike a lot of men, he never forgot just what it was like to start out, and as a result, this new online world we live into day, would throughout time itself, benefit from a man whose only qualifications were the love for a good pair of shoes and of course a passion for the simple bottle of tomato ketchup, of which there are 57 different varieties.

Authors note: Heinz's mother it would seem, was the brains behind the original tomato ketchup recipe; however, she did have one other love, a love for horseradish, and if you have ever tasted horseradish, then I am sure you will agree that, yes, we are indeed fortunate, that Heinz, in the early days did not choose the horseradish for one of his first 57 variety products.

Well, my dear friends, once again we have come to the end of another gripping short narrative, and I thank you all for allowing me into your homes so that you can read it, it is most appreciated. Now, if you do not mind, while I am here, please allow me to say thank you to our hosts, without who, this short story would not have been possible.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph clan, and all our employees at, together we Thank you for shopping with us today.



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